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How It Works


Sedan: Features & Installation

  • Constructed with commercial-grade plastic that is both waterproof and resistant to heat.
  • Vacuum unit attached directly to storage case
  • Vacuum unit attached directly to storage case
  • Measurements: 110cm x 30cm x 10cm.

Hatchback: Features & Installation

  • Constructed of professional-grade nylon fabric that is both heat-resistant and waterproof
  • Vacuum unit attached directly to storage case
  • “No Scratch” Safety Belt safely secures unit to any trunk
  • Measurements: 98cm x 25cm, 5cm x 14.5cm

Sun Protection Car Cover

  • FOR SEDAN$149.00 USD

  • FOR SUV $149.00 USD


Cover Kind

Cover Kind

Cover Kind

About Us

We are a small group of car enthusiasts who set out to make a smarter, sleeker car cover. There are many vehicle covers on the market, but none have ever been to our standards.

So we decided to build our own…

We have created a weather protection and all-elements cover for your vehicle that is a step above anything else in the market. A device that not only increases comfort and value, but also looks amazing!

The Sedan cover can be installed as a spoiler, which upgrades the car and saves fuel while driving, while the Hatchback model is secured in the form of a stylish adorned briefcase.

Our covers are universal in shape and fits all car sizes.

It takes only 30. seconds to completely cover your car without any help, and taking it off is even faster. There’s no need to fold the cover, simply push it back into the briefcase.

Our covers are made of a unique, metallic fabric that reflects 95% of the sun’s rays! This keeps the interior cooler—with temperatures twice as low as an uncovered car. The cover also protects the exterior finish from sun damage as well as nicks and scratches, and it keeps the steering wheel and dashboard from overheating.

Every unit comes with hooks designed to secure the cover’s cord to the wheels’ arch.

Porsche Sun Protection Car Cover

Owning the car like Porsche means some certain responsibilities. The car helps you to build your image and solve various problems, so why don’t you take care of it in return? For example, buying our best car covers for Porsche solves a problem of the car’s overheat, which is absolutely unacceptable. We want your car to be not only protected, but also stylish, so you can choose cayman car cover with logo and enjoy its perfect outlook. We’ve taken in consideration a wide model range of Porsche and so at our site everyone can find the most appropriate auto tents for all the popular automobiles of this brand. So, enter the name of your iron steed in a search bar and we guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with the result given. Our team to be as helpful, as possible, that’s why your search query of “cayman car cover problems” will get a decent respond. So don’t hesitate and order the best car cover at our site, and get the completest set of necessary components and consultations in addition.

It's good for Porsche 911, 993, 996, 997, 944, 356, 964, boxster, spyder and other models of Porsche cars in all modifocations (gt3, rs, turbo, etc)

Of course, you could do this…

Sun Car Cover Sun Car Cover Sun Car Cover Sun Car Cover

Or, you can do this!

Installation Sun Cover on a Porsche Sedan

The sedan unit is made of plastic that is both water-and heat-proof.

Its measurements are 110cm x 30cm x 10cm.

Attached to the case are a vacuum unit and a safety belt which secures the case to the trunk.

Installation Sun Cover on a Porsche Hatchback

The hatchback unit is made of nylon fabric that is both water- and heat-proof.

Its measurements are 98cm x 25cm, 5cm x 14.5cm.

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