Minivans have always been the best picks for transporting families, with substantial cargo belonging to them. But that was not sufficient to haul large families along with equally bulky cargo to stuff at the back. That is why GMC introduced their full-size passenger van in 2018 named as Savana. It replaced the typical minivans that can only accommodate eight passengers with twelve, and even fifteen with the long-wheelbase version. The large and flexible seating solutions made the 2018 GMC Savana an ideal vehicle for large families and shuttle agencies.

What’s New for 2018

As the expert of the Temecula GMC dealer said, for the 2017 model the base trim had a 4.8-liter V8 engine which has been now replaced by a 4.3-liter V6 one with similar horsepower and torque for the 2018 model. The 6.0-liter V8 engine supports a compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion. In addition to these the 2018 GMC Savana is now equipped with a rearview camera, a hill start assist feature, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and all these are now made standard, while a blind-spot monitor has been left as optional. Several new packages got introduced, that includes Enhanced Convenience, Safety and Communications. The Eight- and ten passenger seating configurations are no longer available.

Driving Impressions

With the standard-wheelbase the 2018 GMC Savana appears to be a large vehicle, that can drive like one as well. The handling is precise and accurate while the steering is highly obedient. The upgraded V8 engine responds well and can easily push the van to its highway speeds, even when the van is packed with a full load of passengers and their big voluminous cargo.

Interior Comfort

Unlike many in this segment, the GMC Savana offers seating for up to 15 passengers. (Most others max out at 12.) Unfortunately, a high roof is not on the options list. Compared to rival vans, passengers will have to duck more as they enter and exit the vehicle.

The area for the driver and front passenger is divided by an enormous bulging center that covers some part of the engine and transmission, but the extra width of it can cause the driver to feel a bit squeezed up, even in this huge vehicle. But the basic controls are logically placed to make them easily accessible and simple to use.

Cargo Space

As interpreted by an expert of the GMC dealer serving Temecula, to serve the purpose right, the 2018 GMC Savana has breathed in enough space in the cargo area that starts right from the back of the rear seats and it measures 92.1 cubic feet, which is more than being good enough to store equal number of carry-on luggage as that of the passengers. GMC also allows you to convert your 2018 Savana into a makeshift cargo van if you can remove all the seats. This would straight away increase the cargo volume to a massive 252.8 cubic feet with the extended-wheelbase model.

Technology Installed

The 2018 Savana as a large van might not be the most technologically advanced van standing on the market, but it doesn’t let you miss out on any major technological benefits either. It would keep you entertained through its AM/FM radio while its auxiliary port as a standard feature along with a USB port, a CD player and a navigation system serve all the purpose of infotainment in a modest way.

By Salina Gomez

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