Chevrolet Blazer has been a known name in the segment of SUVs since decades. But now that the model has stepped into its 2020 edition, Chevrolet decides to saddle it up with all possible comfort one can expect from a crossover. What is left behind is its truck-like attributes, but only on the cosmetic side, not under the hood.

Chevrolet surely has some plans on its flagship model Blazer because of which the model is undergoing some deep rooted changes. Apart from its recent reboot done just last year, the 2020 year brought the Chevy Blazer a new turbo-4 engine to sit at the middle of its existing lineup, revealed the owner of the Chevy Dealers .

Trim Flavors

As a family crossover, the 2020 Blazer mostly drives with the front-wheels, though all-wheel drive is also available. Echoing the last year lineup the 2020 Chevrolet Blazer again dresses up as base L, LT, RS, and Premier trim flavors.

Changes Done to the Appearance

Chevy has carefully split up the 2020 Blazer from its past looks that resembled more with the trucks than a family hauler. Chevrolet made all the necessary changes to make the 2020 Blazer look like one. You don’t see the earlier boxy body, as it is replaced by a sleek profile cutting out a floaty look with a designer roof, a smart rear end, all lit up with the gorgeous LED lighting. This time the 2020 Chevy Blazer grows taller and slims down a bit in its width, but without compromising on the interior space.

Inside, you get the feel of amusement park rides because of the bird-winged cabin themes. The materials step up to the next level as well, with more comforted seats, well cushioned and supportive. It spreads wide enough to give each of the five occupants their own individual space.

Chevrolet sets up a sliding second-row seat to maximize the cargo and passenger flexibility. That is one of the most appreciable things we found in this mid-size crossover. As said, the cargo space normally lying behind the rear seat measures 30.5 cubic feet which can be increased to 64.2 cu. ft as you tumble down or slide-forward the rear seat, depending upon your requirement.

All the 2020 Blazer models come equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, that get displayed through an 8.0-inch touchscreen. If you are buying the range topping Premier, the list of convenience features will add a wireless smartphone charging to the infotainment section, while the creature comfort score will increase with the inclusion of leather upholstered cabin fitted with a sunroof, a hands free power tailgate and cooled front seats.       

Changes in the Power Front

As mentioned earlier, the 2020 edition of Blazer installs a 193-horsepower making inline-4 engine at the base. The new addition to the power front is the 230-hp making turbo-4 engine that not only revs more eagerly at a quicker pace but also sounds better. Overall it is a softer and more sophisticated engine that almost parallels the topmost 308-hp making V-6 counterpart in handling prowess. In this the Chevrolet West Jefferson dealer confirms that irrespective of the engine all 2020 Chevy Blazer models get a 9-speed automatic gearbox to adjust with the ever changing driving conditions.  

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