If you’re about to travel in Estonia and Tallinn, you’re surely looking at ways of transportation around the city. Tallinn has a great public transportation system but if you’re not traveling solo it’s better to look at other options too. Aside from the beautiful city, Estonia, in general, has great landscapes and amazing sites that are worth seeing.

That’s why looking at rent-a-car options is only logical. There are more than 100 rental companies all offering their fleet. It’s up to you who you’re going to choose. Having so many options can make you feel lost and not know which option is the best. In this article, we’ll make a comparison of the 5 best options you have in Tallinn for getting yourself from one place to another. Read this in addition and make your final choice.


Europcar is the famous European brand for car rental that has its own outpost in almost all parts of Europe. They are world famous and are also pretty popular in Estonia too.

Their lowest rate is $20 per day but their fleet is huge and you can choose from cars that are small and practical to vans and trucks that are excellent for your special needs. They also own some luxury models that can come handy for travelers that like to go with style.

Another interesting option is hiring a trailer. You can use this for many different needs and the best part is it doesn’t cost a fortune as you would think. On their website, you can find some additional options like tour operators and guides that will help you see some of the most beautiful parts of Tallinn and Estonia in general.

AAA car rental

This local car rental agency is one of the most popular in Tallinn. They own 38 different models among which are some beautiful Mercedes elegance models, Lexus, and even Tesla cars which are so popular today.

Their lowest price is $10.20 per day which is almost double than the competition from the major car renting associations. That’s the main reason why local renting companies like https://aaarent.ee/ are most of the time a better option than the world-famous ones.

Of course, people always trust more global brands. It’s normal. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s the best option out there. AAA rental’s conditions say that a person can drive the vehicle outside the country but with an additional agreement with them which means you’re free to drive it anywhere.

The gas rule is to deliver it back as you received it. If the tank was full you have to get it back in the same condition. This is a good option because it’s more affordable to fill your own gas than let the other side charge you for it. Same goes for everything else. Before you receive the vehicle you have to inspect it and point out on an eventual flaw. If the vehicle is delivered in perfect condition, that’s exactly how you should get it back.

ABC rent

Another world famous brand for renting cars. ABC’s lowest rate is $14.70 but only in the winter period. The summer prices are way higher and go from $26 and above. However, people love ABC rental because it’s proven to be professional and reliable.

They have a fleet of 40 different models all selected in different categories from the smallest city cars up to big vans that can be used for moving a whole apartment. What’s best here is the 8 different locations where you can pick up your vehicle and you can return it to any of those 8 locations. This is very handy for those that are about to start their trip from one place and plan to finish it at the airport, for example.


Among the most popular Estonian companies for renting cars is the 1autorent. Their lowest price is $14.70 during the winter season. What’s most important in this company and why is it so popular is the huge collection of 127 vehicles and additional equipment for it.

You have an option to choose from so many vehicles from their fleet. Starting with some small cars like Opel Corsa up to huge SUV models like Toyota Land Cruiser. Basically, anything you might want to do, these guys have a vehicle for you. If you’re about to drive around the city and you need something that will easily handle the traffic jam – they have it. If you’re about to go and explore nature, they still have it.

What’s great is they have additional equipment in terms of child seats, GPS maps, and mini fridges. Even if you need something they don’t have, you can ask for it and most probably, they’ll provide it for you.


Autolevi is a website that offers peer to peer car rental. It is something new in the world of car renting and people in Estonia love it. Of course, there are so many differences than the standard renting, but it is something that is starting to become popular.

Peer to peer rental and Autolevi particularly offer cars from real private people to other people. It’s like Airbnb for cars. The users leave replies to how the service was and how are they satisfied from the car and the owners also can rate the users by explaining how they got and returned the car. Learn more about the peer to peer system on this link.

There are more positive and negative sides to it. One of the most important positive points is that this kind of renting is more affordable than the traditional. The biggest concern and negative side of this process is safety. No one guarantees what you’ll drive, how it was preserved over time who drove before you and anything connected to this issue.

Basically, you’re gambling in order to get a lower price. Still, some people love to gamble and this is the main reason why they choose Autolevi. Most of the people are still trusting big companies first.

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