If you have a car, whether it is new or old, then you will someday feel that you have to change its front or side glasses due to certain reasons. The reasons can be cracks in glass owing to any road accident, or any other such issue. So, you think then that you should change the windscreen of your car. For this purpose, you have to go to a fine auto glass company and ask some pertinent questions. If you ask these questions then you will know about the company and will understand their staff. Further, you can ask all about your confusions and other related things that will satisfy you. These are five prominent questions that you should ask your auto glass company. All these questions can be discussed below in detail.

  1. Is the company certified?

The very first question you should ask from auto glass repair service is whether they are certified or not. If they have their certification then you are good to go. It means that the people are verified and their work will be satisfactory. If they are not certified then it means they can be harmful if you tell them to work. Maybe these people have no proper training. Moreover, there can be some other issues that can tire your feelings and satisfaction level. So, ask the company about their certification which is more than necessary.

  • How much they have trained staff and what are their specialties?

Your next question would be about the staff and their expertise. You will ask all about them and in reply, they will tell you how many people are experts in windshield installation. They will tell you more about the other staff as well. There can be the people that may be the experts of screen quality. So they will describe to you about the different auto glass and their quality. Hence, this is a pertinent question in this context.

  • Ask about the cost

You can ask about the expenditures according to the quality of new cars’ glass. First, they will describe the prices of multiple auto glasses. They can recommend any specific screen material on the behalf of their experience. Moreover, they will tell you the labor price or the screen installation expenses. So, after calculating all expenses they will tell you about the total expenses of windshield installation. Now, you have to ask from 3 or 4 companies that will give you an opportunity for a better decision.

  • How much experience do they have?

Moving forward, the next pertinent question can be how much experience the company has of auto glass repair service. If they claim that they have vast experience then you have to verify that. Usually, their experience should be more than 10 years. But the question is how you will understand their experience? You will check their website and check the date of the review. From the date of the review, you will know how old their company is and how much experience they have. Hence, if they are experienced enough then it means that it is your company for auto glass repair service.

  • Check their reviews

You have to check the reviews of the auto glass installation company. For this you can go to their website there will be reviews of the happy clients or sad ones. You can see how many are positive remarks and how many are negative. Moving forward, you can calculate the average of positive and negative feedback then you will know whether the company is reliable or not. If the ratio of good reviews is more than you are going for windshield installation. If the bad reviews are more in numbers, then you should avoid this auto glass repairing company.  If the reviews are not available on their website, then you have to ask them about the list of happy clients. You can cross-check by contacting the people who have given the reviews. This is a valid way to check the trueness of the reviews as well.


These are the main questions that you should ask from the auto glass service providers. You should know about the company and should have proper knowledge about the experience of the staff. Further, there are many new cars that may not be in your knowledge. They can guide you according to the price and the quality of the screen. At this point you can ask 3 to 4 companies then you can go to one of them according to your ease and budget. In addition, you have to check the experience and reviews of the auto glass repair company. You will go to a company that has vast experience in windshield installation. Moreover, the good reviews by the customers are also a prominent factor.

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