Whether you are purchasing a used vehicle or if your current vehicle was recently in an accident, it is crucial to make sure that you examine your vehicle for any possible signs of a bent car frame.

Like many other people, if you are unsure of what to look for to determine if there is any frame damage, you can read on below to learn about the top 5 telltale signs of a bent car frame!

1. Bent Car Frame and Your Alignment

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling more to one side than the other, your vehicle’s alignment may be off. Cars that were recently involved in a car accident may have issues with an unaligned car frame.

It is first recommended to take your vehicle in to be realigned, but if even after you get your vehicle aligned at an auto repair shop and your car still drives the same, you may have frame damage.

2. Uneven Wear on Shocks, Suspension, and Tires

A bent car frame can cause uneven wear and tear on your shocks and suspension because there is more weight on one side of your vehicle.

When your car is putting all that weight on one side of your car, you will notice unusually faster wear and tear and that your control over the wheels of your car feels less stabilized. Make sure to take your vehicle into an auto shop as possible to prevent a future accident.

3. Car Parts Don’t Fit Properly

If your frame is damaged, you may notice that your car doors or trunk don’t close or fit properly. After further inspection of your car doors, you may need to have your vehicle inspected for frame damage if you notice that there are no visual issues with the car door latches. Other warning signs are gaps between the vehicle’s body panels and a crooked bumper.

4. Your Car Is Making Weird Noises

If you have vehicle issues and notice that it is making unusual sounds, that may also be a red flag that your vehicle has frame damage.

The typical sound that your car will make is a strange creaking or squeaking noise coming from all sides of your car. It is easy to dismiss the sounds and to think that there may be nothing wrong with your vehicle, but it is always safe to bring your vehicle to CSI Collision Specialist to be inspected before totally ignoring the noises.

5. Visible Damage Under Your Car

If you suspect that you have a bent car frame, you can go slide underneath your vehicle with a flashlight and check out the frame to see if there are any missing, cracked, discolored, or bent components.

Prevent Further Frame Damage Today

Making sure that your car is in its tip-top shape is absolutely important to make sure that you and your passengers are safe at all times while traveling in your vehicle. When you become more aware of the warning signs of a bent car frame, you will be able to quickly identify the issue and bring your vehicle to a trained professional who can help you out.

Bring your vehicle to CSI Collision Specialists as soon as you notice any of the five warning signs of a damaged car frame. The licensed professionals on staff will be able to inspect your vehicle and take care of your car frame repair.

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