Some things are simply too important to leave up to chance. Shipping your car is one of them.

Cars are expensive, and they can suffer unimaginable damage if shipped by an unreliable car shipping company. Before you settle on the first company with a good car shipping quote, consider these seven important factors. They might just save your car!

1. Check Their Registration

Before you lock-in to any car shipping company, make sure they’re properly registered with the Department of Transport (DOT).

A trustable car shipping company should provide you with their DOT number when asked. If they don’t, you should proceed with caution. If your car is being shipped across states, the company should also have a Motor Carrier number — you can check this yourself on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site.

What’s more, if you’re having your car shipped between countries, the company should be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. Make sure your car shipping company has all the necessary registrations to ensure you’re not getting ripped off.

2. Consider the Quote

Always get a few quotes from a few companies before making your decision.

Compare these quotes and question the company about what goes into their quote. How much of that quote goes towards gas? How much goes to the driver, and how much goes toward the safety of your vehicle?

Estimates are usually free, so be wary of companies that make you pay for your quotes. Ask about any discounts or deals the company has. The best car shipping companies offer military discounts, discounts for seniors, etc.

Also, ask if the car shipping rates are all-inclusive or not. Some companies try to sneak extra costs onto your bill after the fact. Don’t let them catch you off guard!

3. Read Reviews & References

One of the best ways to start vetting a car shipping company is by checking their reviews.

Look through Google reviews, check the testimonies on the company’s site, and find a company with positive feedback. Read a few reviews and determine whether the reviewer is being fair or not. The higher the reviews, the more likely it is that you’re in good hands with a given car shipping company.

You can even ask the company for any references they may have! This ensures your car is in safe hands.

4. Ask About Shipping Timeframes

You obviously want to get your car shipped as fast as possible, so find a car shipping company that can pull it off.

Most car shipping companies have different tiers of shipping options. At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer economy, standard, and expedited shipping options. Expedited will always come at an extra cost, but ensure your car gets to its destination as fast as possible.

Good car shipping companies also let you track your car on its journey. Always ask about shipping options before settling for a company.

5. Find Out If They Offer Enclosed Shipping

You have two options when it comes to auto transport services: enclosed or open transport.

With open transport, your car is put on an exposed bed. This leaves it open to damage from rocks, weather, and other vehicles. Enclosed transport is more expensive, but sees your car traveling in an enclosed trailer, keeping it safe from the elements.

If you want to keep your car the safest it can be, find a company that has enclosed shipping options.

6. Consider Pick-Up vs. Drop-Off

Some companies require you to drop your car off to be shipped, while others will pick it up for you.

Pick-up is very important for older cars and cars that might not run 100% perfectly. It also saves you time and money on gas. While drop-off may lead to a cheaper quote at times, many companies offer free pick-up services!

Ask the company which option they offer and how much each costs. This can make a huge difference for cars that don’t run, as it saves you from towing the car to the shipping lot.

Find a Reliable Car Shipping Company

By considering the six tips above, you can find a reliable car shipping company to handle your car, no matter how luxurious it is. Don’t leave your car with a company you don’t trust. Find one that matches your values and needs today!

You can trust Nexus Auto Transport every mile of the way. Use our car shipping calculator to get an accurate quote for your vehicle.

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