Have you finally decided to take a vacation to Europe? Great! You are in for some amazing discoveries. Europe is full of culturally diverse continents each with incredible vibes. If you sit and jot down places to visit to create an itinerary, you would end up with a long list.

I had the opportunity to visit Germany. It feels great to physically be in those places which I used to watch in movies and TV shows on my Spectrum TV select package. Based on that and my other travelling experiences, and some research, here is a list of some spectacular destinations you can pay a visit to this summer:

1: Barcelona, Spain

Filled with jaw-dropping sites, Barcelona is home to a vibrant culture and mesmerizing architecture. It has the oldest history in Europe. It’s also known as the city that never sleeps. It’s also home to some of the most vibrant beaches, especially in La Costa Brava. The temperature here ranges between 27 to 20 degrees Celsius and it’s an absolute joy to experience. The hottest month is August.

The best time to visit Barcelona is May to June when there is a flurry of festivals to attend. Summertime is humid and sticky. No wonder the locals leave the city to catch a fresh breeze.

2: Paris, France

It’s no surprise that Paris is on the list of best places to visit in Europe. It’s a beautiful place to visit all year round. This epic city is the center of culture, art, and gastronomy.

The summer weather between June and August is quite pleasant. The top destinations that Paris has to offer include the Eiffel tower, The Cafes, Seine River Cruise, The Louver, and many more.

This French capital has been a source of inspiration for artists, filmmakers, and writers. Plus, there are plenty of things you can do here even if you are on a budget vacation.  

3: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is amazing when it comes to beauty. It’s also called the city of a hundred spires. Oh, and did you know around 8 million visitors come to Prague each year to soak themselves into its dramatic history (the history goes back a millennium) and awe-inspiring architecture!

If you are the person who loves to wander aimlessly, the maze of cobbled lanes and courtyards would be your paradise. Move a few blocks away from the old town square and you would be ready to explore some old-fashioned bars, beautiful gardens, and ancient chapels.

Another reason to love Prague is the beer. The Czechs are famous for producing one of the finest brews in the world. While you are out partying at one of the Czech pubs, name any brew and you will get what you ordered.

4: Cappadocia, Turkey

The surreal beauty of Cappadocia is something that is out of this world.

To enjoy the beauty of this region, pick a scenic cliff like the Rose Valley and go on a hike. You may also take a hot air balloon ride to explore the magnificent boulders. If you are to go on a hot air balloon ride, the best time to fly is sunset. 

The best time to visit Cappadocia is by the end of April all the way to October. A must-explore place on your list should be Pasabag valley. Its epic cave-dwelling and fairy chimney are a mesmerizing view.

Other places to explore include Uchisar Castle, fairy chimneys in the Goreme Open-Air Museum, Pigeon Valley, Love Valley, and Kaymakli.

5: Porto, Portugal

Porto is so compact that you just need 48 hours to explore the city. It’s pretty rewarding to its visitors actually if you would like to visit the gold-leaf bejeweled churches and labyrinthine medieval heart. Porto has the same cobbled street charm and dazzling ancient architecture seen throughout Europe.

The diversity of Porto has always attracted tourists from around the world. Apart from its history, the city boasts its extensive history, buzzing nightlife, and tourist attractions.

6: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city full of surprises. Its magnificent Buda castle, parliament building, Heroes’ square, and other historical sites are worth visiting.

Apart from its rich history, Budapest has fantastic nightlife. The food here is drooling as well. The older locals here like to wake up with a shot of palinka, a fruit brandy made from peach, sour cherry or plum. Others prefer to start their meal with this amazing shot. It’s used as a cure for a hangover and even some illnesses.

When it comes to tasting the food, the Central Market Hall is full of vendors selling baked food and other delicious eateries. The best time to visit Budapest is between March and May and then September and November.

7: Berlin, Germany

Its chill lifestyle vibe isn’t the only fascinating thing about Berlin. The vibrant culture, divine food, flourishing art, brilliant architecture, and chaotic nightlife are a few other reasons to love Berlin.

Landwehr canal is the best people-watching spot in the city. In fact, buy a beer and a spaetkauf (the berlin bodega) and sit along the canal. Prepare to witness Turkish families, Berliners, hipsters and so many other distractions. Time will fly! You would be lost in the glitz and glamour of Berlin just like that.

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