The decision to buy a boat is one that takes some time to think about. Owning a boat is exciting, fun, and an opportunity for many wonderful experiences. It’s also a lot of work at times.

Your boat will require regular maintenance and general upkeep to ensure it stays in good condition. Buying a reputable boat will give you the best chance at having stress-free boat ownership. How will you know which boat is the right one for you?

There are a few questions to ask when buying a boat that’ll help you make the right decision. In the guide below, you’ll learn about the process of buying a boat and what questions to ask a boat dealer. Continue reading below to get started!

1. Is a Warranty Included?

Before you purchase a boat, ask about the warranty. Most new boats will come with a warranty of some sort. This is an important part of the buying process because if something were to go wrong, you have a warranty to cover the repairs.

There may be a separate warranty for the motor. Will this be included in the price of the boat, or will you need to buy it separately? If you’re looking at electric boats, then are there warranties for the battery?

Inquire about all of the different warranties before making a purchase.

If you’re buying a used boat, then don’t worry. It still might have a warranty connected to it. Even with used boats, ask if there are any warranties still left on the boat.

There may also be warranties that you can purchase on the boat.

2. How Often Will I Need to Service the Boat?

Depending on the type of boat you purchase, you may need to service it more often than others. Ask the dealer how often that specific boat will need routine maintenance. Once you have an idea of how often it’ll need maintenance, you can then ask about the average cost of that maintenance as well.

Servicing your boat on a regular basis is an essential part of boat ownership. Boats need upkeep to ensure they run well and safely. The cost of these services should be planned for also.

3. Can I Test Drive the Boat?

Just like when you buy a new car, you should ask to test drive the boat. You’ll want to hear the motor and feel how to handle the boat before buying it. The test drive can tell you a lot about the boat.

Even if the boat runs great and is an excellent boat, you may not like the way it runs. There might be a few other things to keep in mind just as its turning capabilities, space onboard, and more. As you test drive the boat, try to imagine yourself out on the water on a normal day.

Will all your boating supplies, fishing supplies, and water toys fit?

Do you have enough room on the boat? Does it feel comfortable steering? Get a good feel for the boat before deciding if it’s the right fit for you or not.

4. How Many Passengers Will the Boat Carry?

Each boat has a certain amount of passengers that it’s able to carry. This is an important question to ask if you believe you’ll want to bring guests with you every now and then. Whatever the boat’s capacity limit is, you must abide by it.

It’s illegal to have more than the number of people allowed by the boat, and yes, you can be ticketed for this. Think about how many people you plan to bring along with you on boating trips. Then, you’ll need to find a boat with a capacity of that number or higher.

5. Is Boat Insurance Required?

Don’t forget to inquire about boat insurance either. Some states require minimal boat insurance. Be sure to have this taken care of before you purchase your boat and take it out on the water.

The boat dealer will know what type of insurance is required if any.

Even if you don’t need to purchase insurance, you should still consider it. In case of certain emergencies or certain situations, you’ll want to have insurance to cover you and your boat.

6. Do You Offer Financing?

Boats can be expensive depending on what type of vessel you’re wanting to buy. A great question to ask the dealer is if they offer some type of financing. Financing is a wonderful way to leave with your new boat today without having to put down a large sum of money.

If the dealer doesn’t offer financing options, then the next step is to contact your local bank. They might offer you financing for the boat with certain requirements. Ask the bank about your boat financing options ahead of time.

7. Has the Boat Had Any Problems?

If you’re considering purchasing a used boat, then don’t hesitate to ask about the boat’s past experience. If you’re new to boat shopping, then treat it as you would car shopping. Ask about the miles, any complications it’s had, and the type of service/maintenance it’s had done.

Did the previous owner take good care of the boat? Are there any visible damages? Do some research about that specific boat and the year to give yourself peace of mind.

These Are the Questions to Ask When Buying a Boat

When buying a boat, you’ll want to ask all the right questions. These are some of the best questions to ask when buying a boat. Getting the answers to these questions can help you make the best decision.

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