When you visit a certain place, you should be completely aware about the activities in which you could indulge in at the place. You should know exactly why the tourists are attracted to that place. Puerto Escondido Mexico attracts a lot of tourists from all round the world for various reasons like the beaches and food. Given below are some of the best ways you could spend your time in this place to make your stay memorable.

What are the things you could do while you are in Puerto Escondido?

  • Around the beaches – Puerto Escondido has a large number of beaches and all are suitable for different purposes. You could take a walk, do surfing, snorkelling, picnic and even play soccer. Given below are some of the locations which would be fit for such activities.
  • Surfing – The Zicatela Beach would be the perfect location for you if you are into surfing. The waves here are so good that this beach hosts multiple international surfing competitions such as ESPN X Games, and the MexPipe Challenge. The waves are as high as sixteen metres which are ideal for professional surfing. The beach also has a number of life guards for the safety of the people.
  • Swimming – If you are into swimming, the Playa Marinero would be the perfect beach for you. The surf and rip currents are lesser than the Zicatela Beach which makes it perfect for swimming and surfing for beginners of body boarding and surfing.
  • Touring – Playa Principal would be the perfect beach for you if you are looking for moving around the ocean in the hopes to see some water creatures. There are water taxis which leave from this beach to take you to some islands which are generally inaccessible. This beach is also widely chosen by the locals as a spot for picnics or even playing soccer.
  • The best food around – When you go for vacation in a certain place, you must make it a point to enjoy the local delicacies. Even if you have had Mexican food in other places around the world, nothing would come close to the authentic Mexican food which you would get here.
  • Restaurante de Hotel Santa Fe – If you want to have your food in some classy open air restaurant, this is the place for you. This amazing restaurant, open to both the guests and non-guests, is under a palapa overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. The menu includes various sea foods, international delicacies and of course the Mexican food. This place also offers multiple dishes for the vegetarians and vegans. This restaurant is also famous for roasting their coffee daily.
  • Restaurante Los Tíos – this food is also good for sea food and Mexican delights. The prices of the egg dishes are reasonable. This restaurant also serves antojitos, the famous Mexican food. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and this place is very famous with the locals. This place also has outdoor seating and is wheelchair accessible.
  • Restaurante El Cafecito – This moderately expensive option for you offers Mexican and Latin cuisines with a facility of take out. You would also find vegetarian, vegan and Gluten Free food choices. This is perfect for those conscious of their diets even on holidays. The area is accessible on wheelchairs. The place also has free Wi-Fi and accepts Mastercard and Visa cards.


There are many other beaches and food joints you could visit during your stay in Puerto Escondido. You could visit as many as you want. You would get opportunities of social interaction as well with the other tourists having the same interests as yours.

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