A tire, or tyre, is a ring-shaped rubber part surrounding a vehicle’s outer edge of a wheel that comes in contact with the ground. It provides the force to generate motion between the vehicle and the ground. The earliest known tyre was made of wood, bands of leather and then iron placed on wooden wheels were used to move carts and wagons.

Modern truck tyres in Bankstown are made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, and carbon black etc. Tyres are fitted at wheel’s rim and are filled with compressed air. Tyres that are inflated with compressed air, also known as pneumatic tires, are widely used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, truck, aircraft etc. Metal tyres are still used in locomotives and rail cars.

Types of tyres

There are various types of tyres designed to be used for different purposes.

  • All season tyres: These are designed to withstand any kind of season, dry, wet, or snowy conditions.
  • All-terrain tyres: These are designed to be compatible with kind of road surface.
  • A few other kinds of tyres are SUV tyres, truck tyres, mud tyres etc.

The average weight of light truck tyres less than 17 inches in diameter is around 35 pounds (i.e. 15.87 kg), semi-truck tyres weigh between 105-110 pounds (47.62- 49.89 kgs) whereas large truck tyres can weigh up to 900 pounds (410 kgs).

Manufacturing of tyres

Tyres are manufactured in about 450 tyre factories around the world. Many kinds of rubber are used such as a styrene-butadiene copolymer. Synthetic rubber, carbon black is used as raw materials in bulk amounts.

Tyres can be divided into major classes depending upon whether there are tubes in them or not, named as ‘tubed tyres’ or ‘tubeless tyres’. Depending upon the construction of tyres, it can further be classified into cross ply or bias ply, belted bias ply and radial ply.  Bias-ply tyres are advised for rugged, tough performance such trailers used in construction, agriculture and marine applications.

Whereas, radial tyres can be used in smooth rides. Depending upon maintenance, proper inflation and correct loads, these tyres can give good mileage. A belted bias tyre is a combination of both bias-ply and radial ply.

All tyres are manufactured to handle a specific load limit. One of the major causes of truck tyre failure is overloading. As an overloaded tyre produces excessive heat, and this leads to quick tyre degradation or blowout.

The functions of truck tyres are to maintain contact between vehicle and ground by providing force to generate motion, to support the load of the vehicle, dealing with different forces on the vehicle during its motion. The bigger the vehicle is, the more the number of tyres is being used. Having more or bigger tyres help the vehicle in load sharing and in minimising overall pressure to the ground.

To know more about various truck tyres, their load limit and mileage, and various offer on truck tyres in Bankstown area, visiting a tyre shop and inquiring about all the details that one desired to know is the best idea.

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