So many cases can cause the necessity for the shipping autos. Relocating, online purchase of a new car, long vacation in another state where you are planning to go with a plane – these are just a couple of the most popular examples. Regardless of the reason, you need to carefully search for an appropriate transportation service which will be both reliable and affordable

Attention to details

You don’t have to know everything about executive auto shipping to be ready to deal with it. There are just a couple of the main details you need to know before looking for an appropriate carrier.

1)      Waiting time. In case you are not willing to drive your car to the final destination on your own, you need to be ready to wait until the transportation company will schedule its delivery. And even if the distance between two states is not that big and can be covered originally within a couple of days, it can take up to a couple of weeks on average to arrange the transportation, especially if we are talking about across-the-country delivery. Usually, the transporter can have up to a one-month window to be sure it can fulfill its commitments.

2)      Price’s differences. When shipping an auto, a transportation company normally will let you choose open or enclosed transporter to use. These two options are very different and you need to carefully consider all advantages and disadvantages. The first option is cheap and fast but your vehicle will be affected with all the environmental conditions. Snow, rain, direct sunlight as well as a random stone or bird on the way can cause some dent or scratch. And if your car is of a high value, it’s better to protect it with the enclosed transportation. Here it will be placed inside the trailer and, therefore, will be safe from all the fourth sides. For this safety you will need to pay an additional 40-60 percent of the price.

3)      Insurance check. In most cases insurance is already included into the price, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check its coverage as well as particular cases when it works. When we are talking about national auto shipping, the car should be estimated and, depending on its real value, you may need additional insurance. Some transportation companies provide extended insurance, but in other cases you will need to deal with a third party.

4)      Car’s preparation. Your car should be clean before the pick-up service as both you and the carrier are recommended to make pictures of its conditions. Every scratch and dent should be noted to avoid any misunderstanding upon the delivery. Also, you should take away all personal belongings from the salon. Although some carriers provide the opportunity to leave 100-pounds luggage inside the car. Normally you will also be requested to keep the fuel level on the minimum which means a quarter – it’s done for safety reasons.

Choosing the carrier

Today you can find a great variety of the transportation companies which are dealing with all the types of vehicles and the deliveries. Meanwhile there is not the only best auto shipping company as different cars’ owners have different requirements and priorities. But it’s always useful to know which transporters you can rely on.

If you are wondering if the company is trustworthy or not, you always have a possibility to check its license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. It’s a free of charge and always available tool.

If you need to quickly check different options and you are not willing to spend a lot of times visiting various carriers’ web pages you can use one of the transportation brokers. For example, UShip will provide you with the most easy-to-use interface to look through dozens of the options. When searching, you need to pay attention not only to the price itself but also to the conditions and the period of the delivery. The main advice for those who are planning to use such brokers is to remember that the final contract will be signed not with such a platform but with a carrier itself. So you need to make sure to check all the conditions in advance to avoid any hidden expenses and frustrating surprises.

The most popular transporters across the USA are Montway Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, Horseless Carriage, Intercity Lines, Sherpa Auto Transport and others. Not every carrier is fair and reliable, so you need to check the reviews from the recent clients. And if you cannot find any of them, you should better choose another transportation company.

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