If you drive a G80 Sedan, the luxury car might ask from you a lot of attention, whenever you travel with it, or even when you park it at your home or office basement. The Genesis has a style statement that looks awful, if things don’t go the right way. To protect its grandeur and stunning looks Genesis is ready with a list of accessories that can make it look even more stylized and well-maintained. Apart from the accessories that is typical of Genesis, you can even get some general accessories from the Accessory store of the Riverside Genesis and feel secure and well-organized.

Take a look at the best picks that you can procure from any Genesis Dealership, nearby.

  1. Card Key

Though not essential, but this Credit card-sized key chain, has a proximity key option that would help you locating your Genesis even in a crowded parking slot, while its sleek design will not make you feel the bulk in your pocket. The best of this accessory is that it can easily fit into any purse or wallet.

  1. Premium Roadside Assistance Kit

When you are on road with your Genesis, your safety becomes the concern of the auto brand, that has already installed a lot of safety features under its hood, so that even at the event of an unavoidable collision, you and your family or friends face the minimum collision impact on you, Genesis proceeds a few steps ahead with the concept of safety in the cars. To keep you prepared well in advance, Genesis is offering a few travel emergency accessories as the Premium Roadside Assistance Kit. The contents of this kit include a flash light, tool sets, booster cables, thermal blanket, first aid supplies and much more. The items are arranged conveniently in a sturdy clamshell with a zippered bag for easy portability and access.

  1. Rear Bumper Applique

To protect the upper surface of your car rear bumper, this applique lays a coating on it that would save it from scrapes, scratches, gouges and marring at the time of loading and unloading stuff at the cargo space we all know that the trunk of a car is the most rugged place as it performs all the heavy duty tasks of pushing in and pulling out luggage and in this activity, the surface of the rear bumper gets spoiled very soon. Using this applique will save your bumper from this defacing and make it look as shining as new.

  1. Wheel Locks

Try these wheel locks to protect your Genesis car wheels and tires from easy theft and save these expensive parts by locking them regularly at parking spaces.

  1. Reversible Cargo Tray

The Reversible Cargo Tray has a non-woven carpet part on one side and a Thermoplastic molded rubber tray on the other. it is used to keep the cargo space look clean as always.

The Genesis dealer in Riverside offers a Genesis Accessories store from where you can order these online.


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