If you have recently bought a used car, your maintenance tasks would be a bit different from those who have bought the brand new ones. But that shouldn’t hurt you as you made a clever choice and done justice to your wallet. With these smart maintenance tips that we’ve collected from an experienced mechanic serving at a used Chevrolet dealership serving Richmond, all your effort will return you with huge benefits.

Frequent Oil Change

If you’ve bought a used car, do not rely on the sales talk of the person who has sold it to you. when it comes to the mechanism of the car, to say on the safest side, it is better to assume the worst. Irrespective of what must have happened to the car system oils, start with changing them as soon as you buy it. That will take care of half the problems from there.

Get the Car Fresh Tires

Unless you can see the existing tires of the used car to be are fairly new and are of high-quality that are fitted properly to the car, take the next step towards buying this car a new set of top-notch tires as soon as you can. The tire shop will itself take care of the alignment and balance of the wheels, and to say the least, that’s what you get as a free service with the tires, which otherwise would have costed you additionally, after you’ve suffered the damage.

Don’t Make it Sit Idle

We all know the proverb, “idle brain is devil’s workshop”. Ironically it is equally applicable for the cars as well. If you make it sit idle for long phases of time, say more than two or three weeks, the mechanisms will start decaying. You need to drive the car once in a while if not every day. The major parts that run the car like the car battery, the engine and other drivetrain components, need a minimum amount of heat to get warmed up and run. Taking the car for long drives once in a week, or even more often will keep all its parts up and running. The more you make it work, the more it will work for you.

Keep Maintaining Regularly

Do not take the risk of leaving this new pet of yours of its own, that has already been a pet of someone else. Take good care of it since the very beginning. Apart from the regular change of oils, make sure to replace the filters as well. Finally, do undergo regular rotation session for the tires while checking their balance and alignment at the prescribed intervals; ideally, try to find a tire shop that will perform this service gratis for the life of the tires. It is always recommended to maintain a good relationship with a nearby service center like that of the Richmond area used Chevrolet dealer, who will take care of your car regularly.

Following these basic maintenance steps, your newly bought used car will run a lifetime, and will also return you good profit when you decide to sell it off.

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