Honda Cars have always been counted among one of the most popular Sedans and even among the highest selling cars in its segment since it was launched. But if you are passionate about owning a Honda car that stands out in the crowd, or if your favorite vehicle has grown old, you might consider of some modifications or upgradation.

According to the Honda dealer near Newark the parts of your Honda car which can be easily modified without losing its earlier charm are the ones listed below:

Modifying Front Grills

The front grill of your Honda car adds to the basic character of the vehicle. These grills protect the vehicle and its engine bay from external shocks and front collisions. Today most of the latest cars come with ABS plastic grills dipped in chrome. If the front grill of your vehicle has lost its looks or has been damaged, replacing it, with the same kinds of slots, screws and clips would bring back the original frame that is more than just a fancy requirement for your expensive Honda vehicle.

Upgrading tyres and alloy wheels:

To unleash the highest power of your Honda car, it needs to have the support of adequate grip levels. Though the Alloy wheels are not a necessary component for a tyre upsize, upgrading into the right set of tyres keeping a set of alloy wheels in mind while upgrading them, have always been proved to be beneficial.


Though apparently the air filters require no such modifications re-installing them once in a while, adds up to the performance gains. As the Cold air intake (CAI) plays a serious role in the overall performance of the car, proper installation of the air-filters with a CAI, is very important so that it should not suck in any hot air while running on wheels. The colder the air it gets, the better would be the performance. Thus do consider replacing your air filters after driving long distances through dusty roads.

Free-Flow Exhaust:

A free flow exhaust system needs to be in a good shape to maintain the breathing abilities of the car engine to gain good performance as well as fuel-efficiency on long drives. Today most of the accessory shops store complete free-flow kits and end-can kits with headers. Changing to a better header design may ensure a low to mid-range power gain. It is also important to maintain an appropriate back pressure to prevent loss out on torque. An exhaust system works like a chain and its most restrictive part of it is generally the mid-muffler or the cat-con. So, while upgrading make sure to insulate the exposed portion of the exhaust system placed under the hood with an asbestos wire or a ceramic coating to prevent it from further damage.

Spark Plugs:

The Performance plugs are not usually given much importance in a marginally modified car. The Iridium plugs do not show any crucial benefit and in most cases, they remain unnoticed. But In case of any electrical damage, your mechanic might suggest a replacement. If you decide to go for it, make sure to pick up the plugs that have the correct heat range prescribed for your engine in the user manual. If you are keen to modify your Honda car, the Honda dealership near Newark are there to help you with their professional support.

Summing Up:

Modification of you old Honda car would be apparently seem unnecessary, but if you are planning to continue with your existing Honda vehicle that needs a refreshment, there are more than the above-said modification options to regain its power.

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