Best new cars 2018

December 20, 2018 | Comments Off

The new cars will be flooded in the showroom in 2018, yet more choices will be made for the purchase public.

Large players like Ford and Volkswagen have a large array of new metal, but small floors like Suzuki and Sabu are also new cars this year.

Fresh designs, durable technology features, and more powerful and better fuel promises.

The charge-led new game utility vehicles (SUVs) and choreswares are floods, including electric jaguar i-speed, dirt jeep-wing and practical Honda CR-V.

Sales of these ancient vehicles are growing recently, but there are still many domestic cars in this family, headed by a new version of the Ford Fox brand, as well as High Tech Tax Mercedes A Class and Peugeot 508 (above) With stunning styling.

Jaguar I – There are many power options that include pace, including battery-powered Hyundai Quota. Already sold a new Nissan Leaf, which is very large, which can hang more buyers in electric vehicles, as the first electric hot hebbackback can be – BMW i3S.

And if you are looking for driving fun, you will not get the least options this year. Cheap and Zippie Ford FSA SS, and so on Volkswagen Polo GTI and Renault Meganie RS. If you have a budget, then Ferrari can appeal 488 straps or four four door apartments of Mercedes-MGG.

Scroll down to the full details of the upcoming 2018 cars, jump in new cars for 2018 already sold or take advantage of new models, to deal with one of the outgoing versions. Take advantage of