The Department of Transportation claims the average American drives more than 13,000 miles per year. If you fall anywhere near this number, it’s evident that you are dependent on your car.

However, to keep a car operating reliably, there is quite a bit of maintenance. Many drivers are familiar with oil changes and air pressure upkeep, but a commonly overlooked aspect of the automobile is the brakes

Brake pads are crucial to the life of your breaks. You need to keep them in mind.

Yet, knowing when it’s time for a brake pad replacement can be difficult. This guide will examine how you know it’s time for brake pad replacement.


When asking how long should brake pads last, the mileage is worth considering. Though, it can be difficult to determine an exact mile number. Depending on the material and quality of your pads, the number will range.

In fact, the mileage can fluctuate from 25,000 to 65,000. You will get more life out of your pads if you have good driving habits. Coasting to a stop and avoiding slamming the brakes helps.

For replacement, make a note of the mileage on your pads. Some newer model cars will even have indicator lights showing pad issues.


One of the major indicators of the condition of brake pads and rotors is the sounds they make. In most cases, your ears will tell you if a replacement is necessary. There are two sounds brake pads will make.


If your pads are wearing out, you will hear squeaking when you brake. However, this is no cause for panic.

Brake pads are designed with a metal shim. When they wear past a certain point, this shim is exposed. The metal rubbing on the rotor will squeak. This lets the driver know it’s time to replace.


However, if you hear grinding when stopping, this is concerning. This sound suggests the pads are worn past the shims. Now, the pads have no protection. What’s left will start to damage the rotors.

Driving too long like this will lead to a very expensive repair.


If your mileage is unknown and the brakes aren’t making any noise, there are still ways to check the pads. The performance of your car will tell you if new pads are in order. When driving, keep an eye out for these symptoms.


Do you feel the car vibrating as you slow down? This is almost always a brake issue. Sometimes brake pads wear in uneven patterns. When this happens, the pads don’t press smoothly on the rotors and the car shakes.

Stop Time

If you begin to notice your car takes longer to stop, it’s a good sign your pads are going bad. This won’t happen overnight. Pads wear down gradually. Yet, as soon as you notice it, it’s time for a replacement.

Does Your Car Need Brake Pad Replacement?

After reading this guide, start to think about these indicators. If you are experiencing one or more of these, you likely need brake pad replacement.

The sooner you install new brake pads, the more reliable your car will be.

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