Briefly jotted down the operation and maintenance manual of Komatsu

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This Komatsu PC200-6 service manual explains the processes for functioning, handling, lubrication, continuance, checking, and adjustment. It will assist the operator and continuance of personnel perceives peak performance through useful, economical and secured machine function and continuance. Hold this manual ready and have all personnel go through it eternally. If this manual is lost or becomes soiled and cannot be read, ask for a replacement manual from your common distributor. Continuing betterments in the design of this machine can lead to modifications in particular, which may not be highlighted in this manual. Take advice from your local distributor or Komatsu America International Company for the present accessible detail on your machine or for queries regarding particular in this manual.

Protection Details: Most mishaps are caused by the failure to come behind fundamental security rules for the operation and continuance of machines. To keep away from accidents, read, apprehend and follow all preventive measures and warnings in this manual and on the machine before performing continuance and machine operations. Komatsu America International Company cannot foresee every condition that might include a possible hazard in operation and preservation. Therefore the security message in this manual and on the machine may not comprise of all possible safety preventive measures. If any processes or actions not particularly advised or permitted in this manual are utilised, you must be sure that you and others can do such processes and actions securely and without damaging the machine. If you are uncertain about the security of some processes, contact your common distributor or Komatsu America International Company.

No Matter wherever you are in the globe, Komatsu is there for U:

  • Komatsu brings over 90 years of facility and Product Maintenance to you on a universal scale. No matter where you are in the globe Komatsu has a balance structure to support the level of standard and dependability you anticipate from Komatsu whether it’s from a PC01 Excavator to 960E Electric dump truck.
  • By opting to discover a Distributor, you can discover detail about your nearest North American Komatsu distributor and their series of facilities.
  • With Komatsu trained technicians utilising the most modern product knowledge and technology – and authentic Komatsu parts you can be certain you´re acquiring certainly the facility you and your machine deserve.
  • Komatsu and its distributors work nearly to perceive customer needs to given quicker and useful solutions. With high standard service we look forward to being our customers’ partners for years to come.
  • In the selection on the right you can discover some of the tools that assist you and our distributors to keep your equipment up and running in the maximum important times.

A well-organised maintenance program can save you notable money over the life of your paraphernalia by keeping it functional and extending its life. Think about what a single tragic failure, due to inappropriate maintenance, can charge in terms of:

  • Enhanced repair charges
  • Loss of production
  • Hired or backup machine
  • Inactive personnel and paraphernalia
  • Disturbance of schedules

Working with us, you can personalise an organised maintenance program to meet your distinctive needs, log onto to have more information about us.