Most car owners do realize the importance of regular and proper car maintenance. But, many would neglect or don’t bother to include windscreen as an integral part of their maintenance. It is essential to keep a car in good running condition. A well-maintained car keeps the car owner out of trouble from common safety issues.

A general issue that most of us have with windscreens is chipped-screen. However, a chipped windscreen doesn’t seem to be a big problem at the start. These chips may get bigger and affect the reliability of the windshield. They could lead to serious safety concerns for the driver and his passengers.

As soon as you notice a chipped windscreen, you must see a windscreen repair technician. He will ascertain the level of damage and advise the line of action required. Sometimes, these issues need only minor touch-ups. However, other cases may require a complete removal and replacement of the windscreen.

DIY or Consult a Professional

You have to decide whether to do it yourself or visit a professional for the repair. In my opinion, a professional can be economical, safer, and much faster. You may select an inferior product that could compromise the safety parameters, ultimately causing total wastage of money. Also, windscreen installation requires proper training, and any leniency could lead to further damage.

In any case, be it a minor fault or major crack, visiting a professional windshield technician is favorable. You can also visit for information about windscreen maintenance.

Common Windshield Issues

1. Cracked Windshield Glass

It always starts with a small chip. But gradually, due to the weather conditions, it grows into a visible crack. Either your windscreen chip might have grown into a crack, or some hit to the windscreen is the cause. Either way, a replacement is a much better option than a repair.

A windscreen technician can address you with all the available options to maintain your windshield’s integrity. Most importantly, your overall safety is guaranteed while you drive the car.

For cracked glass, you could also choose from some DIY repair kits available in the market. They may look to be cost-saving solutions, but they too require expertise. Any lack of knowledge in repairing the cracked windshield could even lead to more cost.

2. Scratch on Windshield Glass

A chip, or a crack, or a broken windscreen are some real concerns for drivers. But, a scratch in the windshield could be as disturbing as a chip or crack. Some minor scratches can be removed with proper polishing of the windscreen.

But major scratches can still require a windscreen replacement. Timely and regular cleaning of your windscreen can avoid scratches. Weekends can be a good time for taking care of your car, as well as its windshield.

Choosing between Windscreen Repair and Replacement

When we talk about windscreen issues, most drivers favor cost-saving and cheaper options. It leads them to repairs over replacements. But, in most situations, cheap isn’t the best option.

For windscreen issues, you should evaluate the pros and cons and then make your decision. Following are some key factors that can help you in making your decision:

1. Type and Extent of Damage

Considering the type and extent of the damage makes it easier to ascertain if the windscreen requires a repair or replacement. The minor damage, in its early stages, can be dealt with repairs. Proper repair in the initial stages ensures that it doesn’t spread to other areas.

But some damages are substantial from the beginning. So even the best of repairs cannot guarantee the reliability of the windscreen. In such cases, windscreen replacement is the only option to avoid more damages down the line.

2. Is the Damage Obstructing the Driver’s View?

If the windshield damage is not obstructing the driver’s view, then you can opt for alternative repairs. But if it does, then replacing the windshield is very important. Clear visibility of the driver ensures the safety of the driver as well as other pedestrians.

How to Select a Professional Windscreen Replacement?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while choosing a windscreen replacement technician. Following are some key factors that ensure service quality:

  • Check the customer reviews about the technician or company.
  • Check if they are listed online.
  • Find out their experience and how many years they are in the business.
  • Flexibility with different cars and models.
  • Check if they are insured, licensed, and certified for windscreen repairs.
  • And obviously, do they offer competitive prices?

Windshield Maintenance Summary

The best thing that we can do for maintaining our windshield is to keep it clean. The dust that gathers on the windshield gradually makes slight scratches on the screen. That could further lead to major cracks and damages. Also, a dirty windshield affects the visual appeal of the car.For major damages, like discussed above, you should visit a Windshield Technician. Always make sure that the driver has a clear and non-distracting view. Windshield issues should not be ignored and should be dealt with immediate effect.

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