Car sales across the US were down 15% in 2020, a dubious marker that the industry owes to economic lock-downs. Still, many speculate that the dip in sales could have been far worse, and better yet, things are starting to heat up in 2021. That’s leading many to predict that this year will mark the beginning of an industry upswing.

If you’re going to be among the many consumers that choose to pick up a vehicle in 2021, you’ll want to brief yourself on what the best car colors are so you can feel good about your pick and so you’ll have some flexibility with your car when you go to trade-in or sell down the line.

Curious to know what those popular car colors are? If so, keep reading to learn all about car color trends that are worth learning about!

1. White

When it comes to the best car colors, you can’t go wrong with the color white. First off, white is the most popular car color in the country. That means that finding vehicles in this shade isn’t hard to do. And that’s good news because when it comes to reselling your car in this color, given how many people like white, you won’t have to worry about your car color choice limiting your consumer base.

Some car companies, like Tesla, even offer discounts on their white car iterations in comparison to their cars that come in different colors.

Bottom line, white cars are plentiful, resell well, and may save you money when driving your car off the lot. What more can you ask for?

2. Black

It’s funny how a color that’s literally the opposite of the most popular car color is the second most popular shade across many car builds. Black is an excellent car choice for those that enjoy a darker palette but don’t want to get too creative with their car’s look.

And that’s a good instinct, by the way, as getting creative with the way your car looks sometimes means paying more on the lot and getting less when it comes to reselling your vehicle.

While less plentiful than white, black is still a popular enough car color for automakers that there’s a good chance you won’t need a custom paint job to get your car in this shade.

3. Gray/Silver

Gray/Silver is quickly building momentum in the car market (particularly gray) as people that are tired of black or white like that gray gives them another neutral option that’s not jarring.

Another thing we like about gray is its practicality. With a black car, when your vehicle gets scratched, the look of the scratch is amplified. With a white car, when your car gets dirty, the look of that dirt is amplified.

Gray/silver vehicles do a good job of dulling both nicks and dirt marks which means that you get to pay less attention to your cars’ flaws and more attention to enjoying your time behind the wheel.

4. Blue

Much like gray, blue is picking up steam in the best car colors rankings, particularly among those that want to be a little showier. While popular shades of blue are usually in that dark “royal blue” range, you can still bet that this color is going to turn more heads than the previous three we’ve gone over.

Blue shades will vary between makes and models, with many automakers using mildly unique shades and coining special marketing terms to describe them (inspiration blue, uncompromising blue, etc.).

5. Red

The color red has gotten a bad rap in the vehicle game. Many have noted that red cars are the most attention-grabbing and as such, tend to be subject to the most pullovers.

That may say more about the people that choose to drive red cars than the car color itself. Either way, there’s no doubt that red cars turn heads. Whether that’s something you like the idea of is up to you.

Given how polarizing red can be, you can’t always find stock cars that sell in this shade, although this company and a handful of noteworthy others do have several red offerings. Furthermore, you’ll experience some limitations in the after-market getting rid of this color because some people are apprehensive about the amount of focus red commands.

6. Green

Rounding out our list of top car colors is yet another shade that’s growing in popularity, green! Green has started to pick up momentum as clever car companies that are investing heavily in electric vehicles have been consistently offering green versions of their “green” cars.

That connection between the color green and ideas of nature and sustainability has led many buyers to bite, raising green’s stock and its performance in the aftermarket.

Shades of the green range vary. We’ve seen the most success in retaining value with darker shades of green that draw less attention to themselves in comparison to brighter, lime shades that tend to only appeal to niche consumers.

Which of the Best Car Colors Will You Invest In?

Our team has gone over the best car colors you can put money into on the market. These colors are considered by us to be “the best” because of their form and practical benefits.

More so than anything else though, when we think of choosing a car color, the factor we’re most consumed by is does the color help or hurt a car’s resale value? That should be a consideration you keep in mind as well.

Whatever car color you go with, we wish you the best and welcome you to explore more vehicle content on our blog to keep fulfilling your need to know.

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