Search engine optimization (SEO) is now a common term heard everywhere and an ongoing process, that is aimed at getting more traffic and ranking to a website. If you have a car dealer site, then SEO must be one of the common practices in your back office. But as common the practice goes, so are the mistakes, that are observed in many SEO companies. With the ever-changing algorithms of the major search engines, not all SEO techniques would work the same way as they used to do a couple of years back.

There are some common mistakes that are still committed by a few auto dealer SEO agencies. Here we are discussing out on how to avoid these common SEO mistakes.

Staying Updated

When SEO practices saturated the market, the search engineers could apprehend the pitfalls of these strategies taken by the SEO marketeers. They started changing their policies and algorithms to stop this. As a result, if the current SEO strategists do not update themselves with the latest policies and algorithms, all the efforts would backfire.

Keyword Stuffing

Earlier, SEO specialists used to stuff in relevant keywords to appear at the top of the search results. It worked well for a couple of years. But now, the brains working behind the search engines are aware of this malpractice.  They realized that too many keywords dilute the richness and relevance of the content that defeats the purpose of search engine, misguiding people with irrelevant page loads of pages. To stop this, they have engineered algorithms that would bring down the page ranking if there is any instance of keyword stuffing.

So, the practice of yester years has now an opposite effect in today’s SEO strategies. Thus, beware of committing this mistake.

Regular Updates in Dealer’s Website

SEO unlike other marketing activities is a continuous process that needs to be nurtured every day. A proper SEO result includes a consistent appearance on the search engines and not only for a short period of time. For this the SEO work must be pursued with diligence by updating the content of the dealer’s website where new and fresh information should keep pouring in without a fail, and all this content should be search engine optimized. A lapse in this upgradation would bring down the efforts to nil.

Focusing on Organic Search

To drive immediate traffic the pay per click (PPC) strategies were followed by SEO strategists and people did have a good time with their short-term sales. But according to a reputed automotive SEO agency, this PPC can only bring temporary benefit to a car dealership business while organic search ranking is the process that can drive genuine traffic to the car dealer’s website with the potential to get convert them into real car deals.

Analytical Checks

A website ranking can be observed through tools like Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, StatCounter and many more. A frequent check to these website analytics would help determine the next steps to be followed failing which a website can get stagnated with poor SEO results.

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