Construction Technology Innovations Enhancing Urban Planning

September 12, 2018 | Comments Off

Hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, water filled barricades, IoT technology, 3D printing- these are just some of the latest technological innovations that have proven job site safety. To give you a better idea, we’re going to discuss some of the construction techs that makes construction projects safer. 


1. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality in construction safety is getting more and more popular recently. In fact, a lot of companies have been launching virtual reality safety training program that utilizes software to replicate what exactly is going on at a construction site.  


This allows the workers to interact with the environment without any issues at all. Additionally, some companies have been utilizing virtual reality to train workers in safety, and they even realized that through this, workers are becoming more engaged with the tasks that they should accomplish. 


Indeed, BIM has really taken virtual reality into a whole new level– let’s not forget the DAQRI smart helmet and other interesting technological innovations that allow the wearer to walk around the job site without getting anxious about their safety. 


2. Wearables 

Construction wearables have the primary purpose of ensuring that the workers would stay safe at all times– it protects them from possible accidents and injuries. This can range, but not limited to caught in/between, electrocution struck-buys and many more. Smart safety vests have also been created with the same purpose, and there are hard hats embedded with real-time location, GPS, sensors, and many more. 


PPE is capable of sensing if the air particulates are safe or not. Since they can monitor the workers, in case someone gets missing, they can easily be found. The makers behind these innovations want to ensure that construction workers would be well-protected and eliminate the occurrence of death on the job site.  


3. Site Sensors 

These are installed all throughout the job site, and they are quite helpful. I ensure that the air and everything within the perimeter are safe for the workers. In case something is unusual, project managers would be alerted so that they can perform the necessary action to prevent the situation from getting worse. 


4. Machine Learning 

Since we’re talking about safety, it would be best to look at some of the most outstanding innovations that happened in the past. There have been a lot of machine learning devices that are proven to be quite useful in providing safety to the workers– in a sense that they continuously monitor quality, progress, safety, and marketing strategies being implemented. 


One of which is the that continually evaluates videos, photos, and other visual data coming from the job site, and looks for safety violations, to ensure that everything is safe. 


5. Site Sensors 

Construction workers are constantly exposed to Asbestos, and this can be very, very harmful to one’s health. It could cause mesothelioma that affects the tissue of the heart, lungs, stomach, and other organs. This is what technology is trying to combat, it would look for ways on how to detect if the temperature and moisture levels in the air are safe enough, and wouldn’t put the workers’ lives at risk.