Dinantronics Sport Performance Tuner is an electronic unit to increase the boost and retune the engine for increased performance. What a control unit does, in after-market rolling, it does an alter the signals into the factory ECU, to make the ECU think that the engine is running a lower amount of boost.

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So that is how you can get the car to raise the boost to the target that you would like.

How it works

Let’s imagine, that the engine runs 9 pounds of boost and we want to run 14, so what we do is we tell the computer that engines making 4 pounds of boost, so the computer then raises the boost back up to the 9 pounds it thinks it wants to make. So basically we’re doing is we’re telling it slow. so it raises it back up to its target.

Why Dinantronics is better then most tuners

The problem with that is we now have fuel flow for 9 pounds of boost and we’re running 14. An ignition timing for 9 pounds of boost and we’re running 14. So both are off. It showing that we need some correction. The most riggyback boxes on the market all they do is raise the boost, they either modifying the manifold pressure sensor or the air mass meter, but they don’t go in and correct for these variances and fuel measure and ignition timing. They rely on the knock sensor of the engine to do this correction for them. And then the engine doesn’t run as smooth as it could and doesn’t make as much power as it can and the calop converter temperature is higher than it should be.


So the Dinantronics sport performance tuner is having a lot more modified signals. This tuner gives you the ability to process whatever you want to and it can program the oxygen sensor signal to the engine as well as the fuel to the engine, so the target fuel mixture is correct and the fuel flow is correct to the target mixture. This enables you to get much smoother performance, much better drivability.

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