BMW X3, the compact German luxury SUV features an evolutionary design, which is more classy and sturdy. This compact SUV comes with a 5-door SUV body style as in the FR and F4 layouts. The highlights of this SUV are a coarse kidney grill with fog lamps in hexagonal shape. The new BMW X3 features full-LED tail lamps consisting of three-dimensional aspect.

The BMW X3 has been manufactured since 2003, and it’s been three generations already from the time it was introduced till the present. E83, the first generation series was produced from 2003-2010, and the second generation F25 followed it beginning from 2011-2017. After that the third generation G01 followed the first two series from 2018 till the present day. These compact SUVs come with the   petrol, diesel and hybrid engine options. They also have a distinctive body style, which makes them race at 6 or 8-speed in both the manual and automatic transmissions.

Does the BMW X3 offer a good value for the money?

Whether you agree or not, the BMW series offers a good value for worth every penny spent for, even on the most economical options. This sports utility vehicle offers the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality. It offers a great storage space with elegant exteriors and cutting-edge technology. Ultimately the BMW X3 new car deals are so great that it has something for everybody.

Here are a few things that state why the BMW X3 is a good offer on value for your money –

  • When compared with the earlier options, the latest BMW X3 deals have got some major changes on the exteriors, which makes the design features standout. Contrasted to the beginning, the kidney grille also has been upgraded significantly. It is now bigger, offering the   functionality of opening and closing, to improve the fuel-efficiency and smooth driving.
  • The headlights have been improved to a great extent with an eye- catching design and of great quality. You can travel during the nights with ease to your destination, with this improved version of the LED headlights.
  • A more detailed and sharp edges were added to the front part of the X3, which adds more elegance to the vehicle.
  • Similarly, the rear of the X3 was also revamped, and it is vivid in the brake lights. The enhanced 3D design and the twin tailpipes, gives the rear a feeling eminence and posture.
  • There are also many amazing technological upgrades in the inside feature of X3. To be more precise, the free standing 10.2” display, which can be interacted with by touch, voice and even gesture controls. You can manage all your controls through the display. You can also get information on speed, navigation and lots more, to keep yourself focused on what you require to drive without any distraction.

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