Planning to go out of town anytime soon on your Jeep? If so, then make sure that your car is on its best condition in order to avoid any road inconveniences and accidents. Many auto accidents in the country have stemmed from poor car maintenance, and since the last thing you would want for your trip is get caught up in a traffic mishap. The rule of thumb is not to travel without having your car checked.

Jeep repairs in Dubai experts suggest before going on a long drive, drivers should first check their vehicles’ BLOWBAG (brake, lights, water, battery, air pressure, gasoline). This article will focus more on the importance of checking tires and air pressure, and tips on how to ensure that your car’s tires will not cause you any inconveniences on the road, much more accidents.

Check tires’ balance – Tires that do not have proper balance will not only result in uneven tread wear but bumpy ride and unnecessary wear on the suspension as well. If you suspect that your tires are out of balance, the best way you could do is to have it checked by technicians. When technicians determine that your tires are indeed out of balance, they will balance by placing weights in certain areas on the bead or inner circumference of the wheel.

Avoid overloading your vehicle – When your vehicle is carrying more than it could hold, chances are your tires will suffer. Experts say that overloading is the second most common cause of tire problems, just second to underinflated tires. You should know that all tires are designed to only carry specific loads of weight. Hence, overloading could result in excessive wear and shortened tire life. In order to avoid overloading your tires, you may want to check the suggested weight limit label that is usually printed on designated place on the tire.

Check tires’ pressure – The most common cause of tire problems is underinflation. When you drive a car with underinflated tires, you may not only experience excessive fuel consumption but difficulty in controlling the vehicle, which could result in a tragic accident. This is why it is extremely important to check your tires pressure before going on a long trip. It is recommended to have your tires checked by technicians using tire pressure monitoring system. Make sure to have your tires checked prior to your out-of-town trip in order to avoid any untoward incident during your travel. Visit a shop that specializes in Jeep repairs in Dubai to ensure that your tires’ pressure are in spec.

Have tires rotated – Check your car’s owner’s manual to determine how often you should rotate your tires. Commonly, tires are rotated after 6,000 miles, but you may have to rotate earlier or later, depending on the recommendation of your car manufacturer. Tire rotation is important because it prolongs your tires’ life, helping them achieve their maximum tread life.

Do not overheat tires – Driving on hot surface can easily shorten your tires life. Other factors could also cause tire overheating, including aggressive driving, carrying great amount of loads, running on underinflated tires, and hard braking. Exposing your tire to hot temperature could compromise your tires’ performance and life. Hence, it is important to adjust your driving style depending on the temperature and other mentioned factors.

Checking your tires before a long travel may seem like a trivial tip, but unfortunately many drivers and car owners in Australia fail to realize its importance. In order to have a more convenient and safer travel, it is a must that you have your car’s tires checked – making sure that they are on their best shape and condition. Just make sure that you factor in the suggestion mentioned, especially having your tires checked by professionals to ensure your safety during your trip.

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