Relocating to a new state or city is emotionally taxing, involving leaving behind your familiar home and adapting to a foreign environment. Amidst the challenges of moving, it’s worth considering adjustments to your car insurance to align with your new location and circumstances.

  1. Time To Upgrade

While your car insurance is valid across India, consider upgrading it, especially when relocating from a tier 2 city to a metro. The increased traffic density and higher accident rates in metro areas make upgrading from a primary Third-party Liability to a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy a wise choice. Comprehensive coverage ensures protection against monetary losses from theft, calamities, and accidents.

  1. Strengthening Your Policy

Consider purchasing add-ons along with your comprehensive policy to enhance its value. Choose add-ons that align with your specific needs, such as Passenger Cover for frequent family car travel or Engine Protection for flood-prone areas like Mumbai, especially when relocating from a city like Indore. Adding extras allows you to customize your policy for tailored coverage. *

  1. Purchasing A New Vehicle?

Many might be tempted to sell their old car and buy a new one for the new location. Make sure the No Claim Bonus from the insurance policy for your previous car is transferred to the new one if you are purchasing a new one. In India, the insured vehicle is linked to the policy, and the policyholder is related to the No Claim Bonus. It is a concession that the insurance company offers for safe driving and not filing a claim throughout the policy. *

  1. New Insurer

When relocating and nearing your vehicle insurance expiration, explore digital-only insurers in India. With digitisation, the car insurance market has transformed, allowing seamless online purchase, renewal, and hassle-free claim processes. Modern insurers eliminate the need for physical visit paperwork, making insurance transactions and claim resolutions convenient and efficient.

  1. Obtaining The RTO’s NOC

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state in which you live is where your car must be registered. A No Objection Certificate must be obtained from the state RTO where the vehicle was previously registered if you are moving between states. Following that, you must register the vehicle in the new state.

  1. Informing Your Provider

Essential communications from insurers are typically sent by email or SMS. Nevertheless, you are advised to notify your insurer of your new address as well. In this manner, you will be able to receive any official documents that the insurer sends by mail to your new address.

  1. Mind The Gap

In India, car insurance is required under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Therefore, you are advised to do the process of car insurance renewal on time because driving without a valid policy is illegal. In addition to the legal obligation, the insurance company will not pay you back if your vehicle suffers a loss while your policy is lapsed. Remember the gap and make sure you promptly renew your car insurance by doing a car insurance online check.

* Standard T&C Apply 

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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