Why purchase an enclosed rig? If you are in a hauling industry or need to haul large amounts of cargo or heavy equipment regularly, an enclosed unit could be one of your most important assets. These units keep precious cargo secure and safe across long distances on the road.

What are these trailers?

It is an unpowered unit that attaches to a truck or car and is used for added hauling space. It is known for its closed structure that helps seal valuable content. Whereas open trailers leave cargos on display, enclosed units serve as a barrier and roof for large objects or valuable items that users wish to carry from one place to another.

This type of trailer is usually used to haul appliances and furnishings between different apartments and houses during a move. It could also be used to transport camping equipment during summer trips. Depending on the width, height, and length of the trailer, people could even use the unit to carry vehicles from point A to point B. If users have currently inoperable vehicles, they could load it into the trailer and haul it to a storage space or garage.

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The benefits of enclosed units over open ones

Successfully buying an enclosed rig requires knowledge of the alternatives at hand. Depending on its intended use, the enclosed unit may or may not be the best choice for their needs. Both rigs have their advantages in the categories listed below.


The most significant advantage of close rigs is the security feature it offers to the contents on given trips. With a closed unit, cargos inside are well protected from environmental elements like heat from the sun, rain, or wind across the trip’s length. Whether people haul loads across town or over different states, the trailer’s contents will be well protected wherever the user goes.

What is more, with a close rig, no one will know the trailer’s content. If people use it to carry a high-priced art or furniture, it will not attract potential thieves’ attention. Not only that, people can use it as an indefinite moving storage space once they arrive at their destination.

Open rigs are more suitable for hauls during house moves and camping trips. If an individual takes his motorcycles out for some holiday fun, open trailers could serve as a suitable vehicle to load and unload their motorcycles. Likewise, if they are hauling crates of empty cans and bottles out to the recycling plant, open trailers will make it very easy to deliver the package, reach over, and lift these crates to the recycling plant.

To find out regulations regarding commercial motor vehicles, visit https://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/publications/size_regs_final_rpt to find out more.


When it comes to adaptability and flexibility, close and open rigs both have their advantages. In a closed rig, people can store different types of items in different compartments. While people might reserve the primary floor for large stationary objects and moving vehicles, people could also have cabinets and drawers to store small items like silverware, tools, and other small goods.

With open units, users usually have more height allowance for tall items in tow since they will not be limited to the unit’s dimensions. If individuals need to carry things with parts exceeding ten feet in height, they could easily carry these items in open units. There is also some leeway for width in these trailers. If they need to move objects with partitions that exceed some closed rigs’ width, open trailers can serve as a good alternative, providing the cargo is not too wide for the roads.

Brand promotion

One of the remarkable benefits of enclosed rigs is how its outer sides, as well as its back, can be used for decals and signs. If you own a business, you can use the unit as a traveling billboard sign. No matter what industry the market is in, if the business has a logo, it could be displayed on both sides of the trailer, complete with the company’s contact information, as well as the website URL, whenever the user travel, the company’s brand name could make hundreds if not thousands of impressions on the community that sees the moving advertisement.

Granted that business owners could also place their business logo on open rigs, they would be more limited by the sign’s dimension and size. If the logo is horizontal, business owners could have cutout signs attached to open trailers’ sides.

With that being said, there is a big chance that owners will make as many impressions of the sign since it will not have an excellent background to help the cutout sign stand out visually. For instance, you own a trailer store in Jacksonville Florida, you may want to advertise your business. You need to make sure that your logo is properly placed in a concrete wall for better visibility.

What is the difference between a single axle and dual axle closed rigs?

Enclosed units are usually equipped with a single axle or dual axle feature. On single-axle rigs, its axle is placed on the underside at the center. It provides the rig with two wheels. Two axles are securely placed side-by-side at the center of the unit’s underside on dual-axle units or known as tandem-axle rigs. It provides the rig with four wheels. Both have their advantages.

The advantage of single axle

Single-axle closed trailers weigh less compared to their dual-axle counterpart. That is why it offers a more excellent fuel economy. On trips with parking lots, narrow roads, and sharp angles, it makes a lot easier to change lanes, slide into parking areas, and navigate sharp turns. Since it only has two tires on a single axle, the maintenance cost is a lot lower since owners will only replace two tires periodically. Not only that, it usually sells for less compared to its dual axle counterpart.

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Advantage of dual axle

Dual axle closed units are usually safer to haul because of its increased stability since it has four tires, especially on high-speed roads. When driving over a cobblestone street or driving on bumps, dual-axle rigs will ride a lot smoother because of its enhanced suspension.

Bigger dual axle units are usually outfitted with brakes. It gives increased safety during hauling trips. If it encounters a flat tire, it will not necessarily sideline the unit like its single-axle counterpart. As a matter of fact, people could change tires without using the tire jack. Overall, it offers a sway-free and balanced ride.

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