This year’s one of the most sought-after multi-events, the 2022 Formula 3 Asian Series, one of the best circuit races across the globe is being held in Abu Dhabi, the extraordinary capital of the United Arab Emirates. This event which went under a rebranding the last year is now called Formula Regional Asian Championship. It is also the 5th season of this particularly prestigious racing championship where a group of amateur as well as high-level professional drivers come together and compete in Formula Regional cars as per the rules. Just like the previous year, authorities have chosen Abu Dhabi to hold the entire season due to the global pandemic situation.

What’s new?

The F3 Asian Series is usually held over 5 successive weekends and this year it has been decided to go on from January to February. This year’s F3 Asian Series 5th instalment is not only special because it would be the first season under the new (Formula Regional) moniker but also because for the first time in 2022, the 2nd race of weekends is going to be reversed grid.

In a reverse-grid race, the top 10 finishers of race one are reversed. The news of reversed-grid races came out last year in June, according to various reports.

Background of F3 Asian Series

This series was launched back in 2018 as a racing event focusing mainly on China and Malaysia-based Grand Prix Circuits by the organizers at Top-Speed. Later on, Japan and Thailand joined the list in the subsequent year. But F3 Asian Series travelled all over to the Middle East only in 2021 and ultimately turned into a winter series. Now all 5 rounds of this prestigious racing event are going to be held at the world-famous Yas Marina Circuit.

The first proposal regarding this special racing event for which most proficient drivers wait patiently was announced last year on September 21. But the challenging circumstances in most of the Asian countries due to COVID-19 made it impossible for any of those countries to be chosen as the venue for the F3 Asian Series. The GM of Top-Speed had stated last year that based on the tremendous support from seasonal drivers, management teams, and fans, the scheduled configuration will be supported positively.

Country-wide restrictions also made it difficult for organizers to take any chances that could jeopardize the safety of not only prestigious racing teams from all over the world but also the millions of spectators who would not want to miss the chance of seeing all the fast-paced action from up close. The only solution was to keep races in the United Arab Emirates for a second year. After the huge success in 2021, the organizing committee is expecting the people of Abu Dhabi to enjoy the ultimate thrilling championship.

Race Details

This series has been scheduled in a way that it does not clash with the European racing season while also allowing F2 and FIA F3 championship drivers to enter this series once again to obtain extra FIA super license points.

Here is a rundown of what has happened during the first 3 rounds of this series in Abu Dhabi.

Round 1:

This round will consist of 3 sub-rounds by the name of R1, R2, and R3. The schedule for these races has already been decided as the 22nd and 23rd of January 2022. During this round the pole position was taken by Sebastián Montoya, the Columbian racer and Gabriele Minì, the famous Italian racing driver. This round was held at the world-famous Yas Marina Circuit which is one of the most beautiful and innovative Grand Prix Circuits in the world.

Round 2:

The second round of the F3 Asian series had been scheduled for January 29th and 30th to be organized at the Dubai Autodrome which is an internationally recognized circuit. Sebastián Montoya again held the pole position in the R1 and R2 sub-rounds this time while Hadrien David, the renowned French racer got the pole position in R3.

Round 3:

Round 3 of this extraordinary F3 racing event was held between the 5th and 6th of February in the same Grand Prix Circuit called Dubai Autodrome. For the third time, both in R1 and R2, Sebastián Montoya completed the race fastest under the qualifying time. But in R3, the spotlight was on Dilano van’t Hoff, the talented dutch racing driver who won the race in pole position.

Note: Round 4 and 5 of the F3 Asian Series in Abu Dhabi are yet to be played out starting from the 12th to the 20th of February of 2022. But during rounds 1, 2, 3, people have seen Pepe Martí claiming the most rookie winner. Round 4 is scheduled to take place in Dubai Autodrome while the 5th and last rounds will be held in the Yas Marina Circuit once again.

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