Moving out of state is a big decision and one that you need to plan for in advance. There are many expenses to consider before making the move, and this article will help you do just that. In it, we’ll cover housing expenses, food during the move, gas costs, Hotel charges, packing supplies (such as boxes or bubble wrap), moving labor fees (either DIY or through a company), child and pet-related expenses like day-care or boarding your animals while on vacation with family members, etc., other traveling costs such as buying new clothes for work once relocated, etc.

Housing Expenses

Budgeting is paramount to your interstate move, so account for these additional costs: rent and utility deposits, closing costs, repairs in your current home or new home, lease cancellation charges, and buying new furniture or décor. Your first step should be to talk with your landlord, real estate agent, and city utility companies to see how much you can expect them to charge. It might be better to hold off on buying new pieces of furniture or repairing minor issues until you’ve paid for some of the more essential items. Be sure to include staying in a hotel before the move and traveling expenses for things like moving supplies, public transportation or driving if you need it, and gas.

Food during Move

Keep food expenses under control by making a budget for the duration of your stay. Ask each person to manage their allowance so that they can buy what they need, rather than have you provide everything. You will save both time and money. It may be tempting to fill up on snacks at gas stations, but this also comes with a hefty price tag. And consider bringing your lunch meat and bread to prepare these fast, inexpensive meals on the go.

Gas Charges

In addition to the quote on fuel for moving equipment, you’ll also need to pay for gas. Use an online calculator or divide your move by gas mileage and multiply the total distance of your move by the average cost of gas.

Moving Company Expenses

It depends on the method of moving that you use, but no matter what someone pays for their new living space, they will usually need more than $1,000 to move into it. Determining moving costs is not easy, but there are some factors to consider beforehand which will help saving money during an interstate relocation. The type of moving service you use will play a big role in how much money you’ll need to save.

Hotel Charges

You can plan expenses before your move by booking rooms in advance, as the average cost of hotel stays varies greatly by location. When you can’t make the drive in one day, plan for other overnight lodgings. Alternatively, stay with someone who lives close by and will let you stay on their couch or sleep on an air mattress before resolving your housing situation. Hotel chains often offer loyalty programs that give a free night if you stay at their property multiple times.

Packing Supplies

Suppose you’re planning to eat at your destination while on the move; look for grocery store chains that also have restaurants so that you don’t have to carry around extra weighted items. Be careful with your packing materials during a move, as these supplies are not always necessary to hand down. Quality moving supplies are designed to serve the needs of professionals and will stay intact through a loading and unloading event like used boxes (which can often bend or break during transit).

Moving Labour

The cost for loading and unloading help will depend on who you hire. Friends and family may be willing to lend their time for free, but professional movers will charge based on the how long you need them, size of the crew, and any “extras” like stairs or excessive heavy furniture. Ensure that your account for tipping and providing snacks or lunches to your friends! Moving companies can refer you to different crews to better understand the costs and find the most appropriate one for your needs.

Child and Pet Expenses

One way to make the move easier on your family is to plan ahead for childcare or boarding costs. It’s worth keeping in mind that starting salaries for childcare workers are slightly less than $12 an hour, with costs increasing as the number of kids under their care increases. If you plan to have younger children or pets, be sure somebody’s available to watch them while you pack and when it comes time to load your equipment. You might not want to ship your pets alone, so, if possible, ask a friend for help — it’ll save you money, and your kids and pets should be more comfortable.


Time to pack up and move. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in understanding how much it will cost to relocate from state to state or even city to city within your current home state. The costs associated with moving can be difficult for anyone on a tight budget, so we suggest working out the details of your relocation expenses before making any final decisions about where you want to live next.

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