Today the most exciting way to experience and enjoy the surroundings and beauty of a place is through a road trip. Hitting the unknown, unfamiliar lanes with exciting, spectacular sights is considered to be one of the most unforgettable experiences that one can go through and enjoy. This creates lasting memories and adds to the freshness of the mind.

Ireland is a beautiful place, where you can visit several such road trips and enjoy the beauty of this place. Here we have narrowed down the best driving experiences that one can take when visiting Ireland:

10. Glengesh Pass, Co, Donegal

Take yourself out of the car and take a deep breath as you experience the quiet atmosphere and witness the scenic beauty and surrounding you are in. Trust us, you will want to stay and enjoy the place for a while and you can even reach the Silver Strand Beach in just 160 steps.

9. The Sky Road, Co. Galway

This place has got one of the best dramatic views in one of the most exceptional areas in Ireland in Connemara. The picturesque Clifden Bay and other islands there will make you fall for this place.

8. The Salle Gap, Co. Wicklow

If you drive through the Wicklow Mountains you will reach the north of Dublin. While driving there you will get to see the green field valleys and the striking view of the Lough Tay. Experiencing this beauty would be a dream come true.

7. Sheep’s Head Peninsula, Co. Cork

This is an amazing ring drive and takes you to the south coast of Ireland. This would seem to be a paradise on Earth throughout. In Ireland, this location has got one of the mildest climates. This route also takes you to the whole peninsula with breathtaking views on both sides of the Atlantic. The drive isn’t long so you might want to drive slowly to experience the serenity.

6. The Atlantic Drive, Co. Mayo

As you drive the road to Dooagh on the Achill Island, you can enjoy the long coast. The scenic beauty is at its best here. Along the route you will get to see colourful flowers and grass that will not disappoint you in anyway. Enjoy every single moment and make sure you photograph the experience.

5. The Yeats’ Driving Tour, Co. Sligo

The shoreline of Lough Gill will inspire you so much that you will want to go back there over and over again. This drive of yours will take you from Lough Gill to Innisfree through Drumcliffe and finally reaching Lissadell.

4. The Copper Coast, Co. Waterford

The view here will offer you panoramic views rich in history and culture. One of the most remarkable places to drive to.

3. The Burren, Co. Clare

This place is special and unique. Along the 83kms drive you will only experience beauty in every sense. As you drive through this place you will also get to experience the most delicious sea food. You can also park your car here and enjoy a brisk walk.

2. The Ring of Kerry, Co. Kerry

This place will let you experience the best five-hour drive. Whilst driving, you will enjoy the breath taking view and the scenery along the way. Don’t miss the Killarney National Park.

  1. The Causeway Coastal Route, Co. Antrim

With several surprises and mysteries, this route is a perfect place to experience charm. You will find this route being mentioned in several places due to it being one of the most scenic roads in the world and perhaps the best in the Ireland.

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