Getting proper deals from the car dealership is not something that is going to be easy. No one likes to let go of potential profit. This means that if you have not done proper homework, the car dealership owners and employees would not be helping you to save money. The dealerships have fixed money some people often refer to as the ‘floor’. This is the least amount that the dealership would let the car go. This value is predetermined and even if the salespeople do not say that to pocket their own commission, this is the bare truth. One thing that you should understand is that the floor price is meant only to those shoppers who have done their homework. Newville Chevrolet is a dealer that would offer you the best Chevys that you have ever got your eyes on. The dealership has a very good collection and is only interested in all the Chevrolets that the company has manufactured. You can even get awesome deals if you know what you are looking for.

Get to know the invoice price

The invoice price might be the most important piece of information that you could walk into the dealership with. Finding the invoice price would not be that difficult. You can find it directly from the manufacturers. The blue book valuation should also be known according to every category. If you have this information, you would probably know quite well what the dealer had paid for the car. Thus you should also get to know how much they are expecting to get for the car. When you are at the dealership, you should find the MSRP or the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price – the price which had been suggested by the manufacturer. This can be found on the sticker on the window of the car. You would need to make sure that the dealership makes enough money at the MSRP.

Do not get convinced into paying more

The dealership would, however, convince you into paying more. You should never allow the salesperson to let you feel guilty about not letting the dealership to get enough money out of the deal. As a matter of fact, dealerships get rebates and holdback base on a certain percentage of the said MSRP. This means that the suggested price already accounts for enough profit for the dealership. But the dealership would try to make more money by fooling you into paying more and would give you counter offers. You would have to threaten and even kill the deal if you would need to. This means that if you visit the dealership the next time, they would know that you are more concerned about your personal bank balance than theirs. Newville Chevrolet Dealer will let you have the best deals that you can ever imagine.

That is why before visiting any dealership, you should do a little homework if you would like to taste the waters. Getting them to lower the price is never an easy task and you should not be fooled as well.

By Salina Gomez

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