This year GMC has given its supporters a big fat smile with the announcement of launching its next Generation Sierra Heavy Duty truck for the 2020 year. The promises done so far are quite tempting for the business sector who were longing for an upgrade. Rumors say, it is going to deliver a world-class capability of towing and hauling huge and bulky stuff, while its advanced trailering technology would be efficient enough to work together with the gusting power train to carry out every task you assign to it with unmatched control and ease.

Feature Highlights

At the Gloucester City GMC dealer, we were informed that the 2020 GMC Next Generation Sierra is going to have a maximum towing capacity of 35,500 LBS that will be derived from the Allison 10-speed transmission, accompanied by Multipro Tailgate and 15 camera views.

Power and Control

The upcoming 2020 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup truck has already making people dream about  its greater towing capacity than its previous generation, now it is also making its ground clear of competition with its best-in-class towing capacity that will be able to tow a maximum weight of 35,500 lbs, as mentioned above. But what will attract more number of customers is its strong built rightly supported with a larger sized rear axle and drive shaft, both of which play an important role in increasing the reliability, durability and muscular strength. To hold back the power it is going to generate from its 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel V8 engine, it has given a bigger grille with an affixed engine fan that will keep cooling down the engine down the way. What more? Even the brakes are improved, and the steering is blessed with better control.

The 10-speed automatic transmission from Allison is going to be the first of its kind to be used in the heavy-duty pickup category and we all are waiting to enjoy its prowess on the road. As known by now, its denser gear spacing is specifically made to allow the engine to operate to an optimal level  that will perform with uniform efficiency at all times even with the different quantity of load and ever changing terrain and weather conditions. Aptly supported with a series of fortified components used the new transmission makes enough torque to send to the wheels in a smooth flow.

System of Prograde Trailering

An available system of intelligent technologies improves the trailering experience by adding functionality and convenience. An In-Vehicle Trailering App is installed to improve the towing and hitching experience.

Technologies Installed

The experienced staff serving the GMC dealer Gloucester City assured us that the new generation 2020 GMC Sierra will come with well-integrated infotainment system, Trailer Light Sequence Testing feature, Trailer Theft Alert and respective machines to check the Trailer Tire Pressure and vehicle temperature.

The Bottom Line

Built up on the steady foundational components, the upcoming 2020 Sierra Heavy Duty pickup truck, is expected to match the off-road performance with the rugged design.

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