One of the extremely important car maintenance is by checking the tyre pressure every week or two. And in case you don’t use the car often, you may make sure to check the tyres every time you take out the car to fill the fuel.

Reading the tyre pressure at the gas station is not accurate. So, make sure to keep the tyre pressure gauge in the car. Another important point to remember is to check your tyres pressure when they are driven.

Under-inflated tyres are one of the major causes of increased fuel consumption in your car. Apart from this, the tyre tends to wear out a lot faster and reduce the stability of your car.

Nowadays, slow punctures are a common problem. It results in the tyre pressure decreasing gradually without even noticing. You would be able to identify the slow punctures only by carrying out the regular checks and get them repaired immediately. This avoids the major damage of the tyre or has a blow-out on the road.

 How to check the pressure in the car tyre?

The make of every car is different, and the recommended tyre pressure is also different. Also, remember that the pressure of the tyre also is different from the front to back wheels.

Hence, you need to know the right pressure of the tyres at the front and back of your car. This is done by checking your car’s user manual when you purchase the car.

Or contact a garage service provider to check the actual pressure depending on the make of the car. Alternatively, you can search for “car tyre pressure tools” on the web.

Follow the below simple steps to check the pressure in the tyres –

Pull up the air pump to reach all the four-wheel of the car without moving it. A coin-operated pump offers you the limited time for you to dust the caps on all four wheels before you put the money in.

Move from wheel to wheel, deflating or inflating as required to get the desired pressure on the tyres.  If you are unsure how to operate the machine, read through the instruction on the machine to understand how to use it.

When you inflate or deflate the tyres, ensure that you are attentive to check for any uneven wear and tear, bulges or cuts in the tyres that need repair. Visit the mechanic in case you find any bulges or punctures to getting them repaired immediately.

The treadwear indicators are the small bars of rubber running across the grooves in the tyres. These are designed to instruct you when the tyre gets worn out and needs attention. When you notice the tread to be worn down to the bars on any part of the tyre, you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

Also, check for the damage to the side walls or tread of the tyre. Any bulges or cuts on the tyre could also make your tyres not got for running the car. Seek the mechanic help immediately if your tyres show any of these signs. Click here to find more information on the wear and tear of tyres.

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