You see all of those trucks on the interstate toating big campers and you wonder, “what would my life be like if I had a camper?”

Campers are great, but they take a lot of time and effort to load and unload. You can streamline the process by finding a good camper van that includes everything you need without any hookups.

It’s a van that contains cooking, sleeping, and bathroom capabilities. They get a little pricey when they’re new, though, so it’s never a bad idea to look for a used camper van.

We’re going to take a look at what you should look for when trying to find one of these road warriors. Let’s get started.

What to Look For in a Used Camper Van

Used vans are still investments, so it’s important that you’re thorough when examining the one you choose.

The first thing to think about is why the individual is choosing to sell the van. Most people who have camper vans put them to good use and they become very fond of them in the meantime.

So, getting rid of such a beloved vehicle is a big deal. Make sure that they’re not selling because it’s stopped working or requires significant repair to get back into good standing.

You should also inquire as to how well taken care of the van was while it was in use. You can stretch a camper van for hundreds of thousands of miles before it starts slowing down.

This is, in large part, because it takes on mostly highway miles. That’s why you don’t have to worry too much if the vehicle has more mileage than your average daily driver.

The miles these vans put on are healthy miles because there’s not much damage done when you’re cruising for thousands of miles at a time.

Features and Amenities

Beyond the health of the vehicle, you just have to see if the van in question has everything you want. Is it spacious enough to meet your needs?

Does the bathroom hookup work and serve its purpose? Are there cooking features in the van that would make your life a whole lot easier on the road?

Ask yourself whether or not you could see yourself using this vehicle for years to come, enjoying precious memories with friends and loved ones. You want to invest in something that will last and that you’ll want to keep coming back to.

You can explore thousands of options on Make sure that you’re not sacrificing huge benefits for small differences in price. Remember that this vehicle will serve as your home on the road, and you need it to be to your liking.

Want to Learn More about Camper Vans?

Whether you’re looking to buy a used camper van or just have some interest in recreational van life, we’re here to help you figure out everything you want to know. Life on the road is beautiful, and it’s about time you started exploring it.

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