For the last two decades, Americans have bought more than one million Honda units. These statistics make Honda the second-most after-sought vehicle brand in the country Toyota.

The prevalent Honda brand units on the roads today include CR-V, Accord, CR-Z. CRX, Odyssey, Insight, and S2000. The Accord goes as the most preferred model by many for years.

Although the auto parts for the cars are readily available, it’s still imperative to learn how to maintain a Honda unit and reduce your trips to the mechanic. Knowing how to keep a Honda running for ages will save you a lot of time and money.

So, what’s the trick? Read on to find out more.

1. General Honda Maintenance Tips

The basic Honda maintenance tip for any car owner is knowing how to check the tires. The state of your tires influences how the vehicle performs.

For instance, under-inflated tires can reduce traction and fuel economy. The same applies to overinflated tires.

For any Honda model, you a performance handling system to enhance efficiency. Suspension systems such as progress coilover help balance weight transfer by lowering the center of gravity. You’ll easily bend through corners with reduced handling and mitigated body roll.

2. How to Maintain a Honda CR-V

Do you know how to reset the oil life in your Honda CR-V? It’s simple. The reset button is either on your steering wheel or on the dash as a knob.

But first, you need to power the ignition to the “2nd” position. Do this by turning the key.

After that, turn off the ignition as you push the reset button. Continue holding the reset button and return the ignition to the “2nd” position. This will reset the oil life.

3. Essential Maintenance Tips for Acura Models

Honda maintenance schedule is quite different when it comes to Acura models. You should know how to read the warning indicators on your dashboard. This will help you determine when the unit needs general service or a simple repair.

For instance, when the oil life reads 15%, service is around the corner. When the reading turns 0%, you need to visit a mechanic immediately. You should also watch out for symbol B, which requires engine oil and filter replacements.

4. Changing the Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is another component that you need to pay attention to, especially when it comes to Acura maintenance. This fluid undergoes rigorous changes in heat and pressure and eventually becomes obsolete.

When the replacement time comes, your braking system will become less responsive. You might start to experience leaks if you ignore the warning signs for long. Also, changing the brake fluid in time can mitigate rusting and corrosion in the braking system.

5. Getting a Mechanic for Your Honda Car

A secret on how to keep a Honda running for ages is by doing all your repairs at a professional mechanic garage. Sometimes, mechanics specialize in car brands.

In this case, you want to repair your unit with a qualified Honda mechanic. So, what’s the checklist?

First, the mechanic must be able to work on any Honda car, regardless of mileage, model, or year of production. The mechanic must also have access to all Honda parts and updated technical resources for the car. Lastly, they should have an in-house quality control checklist.

Maintaining a Honda Car Is Easy

Honda maintenance is easy if you get it right from the start. Besides following these tips, visit your mechanic regularly. You’ll only know the actual condition of some components through professional insights.

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