Everyone who planned to purchase cars mostly looks for its design, color, engine capacity, mileage, and features. However, a car’s engine number and vehicle identification number might not seem to be relevant while buying a new or a used car. But, how do you know whether a car dealer is selling the new or old one? These numbers are like the DNA of the new car. It is difficult to find out where these numbers are on the car.

Where to get help?

Buying a new car is every person’s dream but with the rise in prices, it is difficult day-by-day to turn this dream into reality. If you are a new one in buying a car it is better to educate yourself with https://checkcar4free.com/, before jumping into the trap of the dealers. Even after the selection is made and negotiation is done the best deal of paperwork is still left. The person should aware of every step till the car finally registered in their name or in their family members’ name and ready to be driven. After you select the dream car and get the finances in order have to get a vehicle registration certificate from RTO.

The final step of the process:

This is the ultimate step of the entire process. Once all the other conventions are complete one has to obtain an unchanging registration certificate issued by the Regional Transport Office. A vehicle registration certificate is an official certificate presenting proof of recording of motor transport. It is used essentially by authorities as a means of assuring that all road vehicles are on the state vehicle register, but is also used as a sort of law obligation and to promote a change of ownership when buying and exchanging a vehicle making it an essential document to avail.

Aware of fake one:

However to make matters more difficult scammers have got up with fake vehicle registration certificates which are issued to consumers even after you pay for an authentic one. Thereby it becomes necessary that users are conscious of this happening and more importantly can discriminate between a real and false Vehicle Registration Certificate. It is quite a tedious job contemplating there is no designated universal format. In fact, each state in India has its own version of Vehicle Registration Certificate which is subject to modifications without any prior notification making the job even more stressful. However, vehicle identification numbers can help you to spot a fraudulent Vehicle Registration Certificate. 

One such classification parameter is the color and font used in the Certificate. It has been mentioned that most fake Registration Certificates have a lighter color and a changeable font while the original ones have a clear font all over with no difference in colors of the same shade. 

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