Before moving on to the how part, we should first know what paint protection film(PPF) is. If you want to keep your car clean as new, you will need paint protection films in Atlanta to cover your car from all the damage. With a ceramic coating on your car, it will be free from all the scratches and rust. However, there is a procedure to do the same, which car professionals can only do.

What is a PPF or paint protection film, and how to remove it?

PPF is one of the most innovative ways to keep your car safe and well polished over the years. Whether you just repainted it or it’s a new one. Rock chips, UV rays, scratches, and other potential damages cannot happen if a car has a paint protection film on it.

Working of a PPF:

First, you should know what type of things will be needed to do a PPF or paint protection film successfully.

  1. Plastic scraper or razor
  2. Adhesive remover (3M)
  3. Blow dryer
  4. Car wax
  5. 3 pieces of microfiber towels at the minimum

Now, let’s come to the process of removing a paint protection film.

How to remove a PPF from your car?

Here are the proper steps to remove a PPF. Make sure that you follow each point to remove the PPF without any scratches successfully.

  • Don’t just peel it off like it’s a notebook’s page. Make sure you take your time by peeling it off slowly so that there will be no bad consequences after that. The best way to peel it off first is to check whether it is already coming out and if yes, try to heat it with a blow dryer to remove it easily.
  • Using a blow dryer or a heat gun can help you a lot during the process of removing the PPF. So make sure you keep it with yourself when peeling the PPF off.
  •  Ensure that there is a distance of 8 to 12 inches, at least between the car and the blow dryer, so that there will be no burning.
  • Extra caution is important when using a heat dryer because it can damage your car’s look.
  • The difference between a paint protection film vs. ceramic coating is that you have to remove the PPF with a lot of delicacies.
  • The final step is to rub off a microfiber towel after removing the PPF, and your work here is done.

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