How Do I Get Scratches Out of My Windshield?

July 23, 2018 | Comments Off

Scratch on the windshield may disrupt your free vision while driving. Feel free to ask our staff because there are numerous options you can choose when it comes to auto glass repair or just removing the scratch out of your windshield. When this situation is getting worse, you may end up paying for big dollars to repair your car windshield. But, do you know that you can fix a scratched glass out of your car by your own? Well, we have the methods.

Light scratches

For the sake of avoiding auto glass replacement because it costs a lot of bucks, you can fix light scratch out of your car windshield. There are some products you can use and one of them is acrylic scratch remover. It is available in local shop though. You just need to apply the acrylic liquid right onto the scratches and rub it using wet microfiber cloth. Sand paper with 600-grit or above will go great too. The look is transparent after it dried. You can conceal the scratch using a protective layer after.

Deep scratches

People will immediately go to the repair shop to fix this problem. But if you like the DIY thing then you may try the cerium oxide. This chemical substance is commonly found in jewelry and ceramic industries out there, since it contains abrasive point in low level. The form is powder and you can add water until it forms like paste with consistency semi-liquid. Put it onto the scratches and then polish it with hard rubber.

The process requires high patience and consistency. Once it has done, you may see the clean and clear glass free of scratches. Cerium oxide is commonly used to polish ceramic, metal, and glass item so you can get rid of windshield replacement in the repair shop.