Mazda models have always been increasingly fuel-efficient. In the recent couple of years, all the vehicles coming out of Mazda manufacturing shades, have proved their fuel efficiency on every turn. If we dig deeper, the SKYACTIV technology comes out to be the most apparent reason behind this magic. Models like Mazda CX-5 and Mazda 3 have been able to deliver fuel economy figures that made others envy. Being cleanly bowled out by this fuel performance, we spoke to some prominent figures in the dealership of Ontario Mazda who gave us some valuable insights on how to achieve the optimum level of fuel efficiency while driving a Mazda vehicle.

Avoid Idling with Your Engine On:

This was the first tip that we learnt from the Mazda technicians who blamed such driving habits where the driver doesn’t bother to put off the engine, while waiting for quite a substantial period of time. But this is that simple a technique that can stop wastage of fuel iso many times during a journey. Be it waiting in a long traffic signal, where you know how many seconds you are still left with, or when you get down from the vehicle to grab that favorite snack or beverage bottle, one can safely switch off the engine and let it rest when the car isn’t on the move.

Avoid Sudden Braking:

Except for emergency needs, like a probable head on collision or avoiding a run over, is there any need to abruptly press the brake pedal? We all know the answer, and it is a big NO. Rather than harshly slamming on the brakes at a predictable stop sign or a red light which was visible from quite a distance, one can use the brakes gently and slow-down in a gradual process.

Proper Tire Inflation:

Before you turn the car engine on, it is important to check out if the PSI in all the tires is as per the recommended measure. Unfortunately, while in a hurry, or in excitement of starting a family trip, many drivers forget to do this.

Use Air Conditioning in Intervals:

If you are really keen on saving fuel, one of the best ways to do it in a long trip is to avoid constantly using the air conditioning feature. Try to turn it off wherever and whenever possible. To maximize the mileage, try rolling down the windows when your car is passing through relatively clean atmosphere. Roll them up, only when the car gets uncomfortable warm or while crossing a polluted area.

The Bottom Line

As said by the Ontario Mazda dealer, Mazda maintenance schedule is perfectly tuned to the technical requirement of any Mazda model. Following the schedule strictly would be better for the overall health of your vehicle. But along with a scheduled maintenance in the service center taking care of the above said factors, would help you save fuel, money and the car itself. From the other side, after knowing all these tricks, any Mazda owner can now head on for a long on road trip with the confidence of better mileage.

By Anna