The average American pays $2,388 per year for their car insurance. While for some this rate will seem outrageously high, for others it might be much less than they pay each year.

If you’re purchasing a policy for your car, you might be looking for ways to save while also wondering why your rates are so high. Are there places you can trim your auto coverage to save? On the flip side, do you have enough auto coverage if the worst thing happens and you’re involved in an accident. Read on to learn about what insurance you need.

Vehicle Coverage, What to Consider

There isn’t necessarily a blanket answer on how much insurance you need or will even be required. First, you need to consider your state. What are the requirements in your state for auto coverage? It varies from state to state, so what’s required in one state may not be absolutely needed in another.

Having said that, you still want to make sure you have yourself and your property protected. Auto insurance rates will be impacted by your credit rating, your driving history, and the amount of coverage you need.

You may be able to tweak your rate by adjusting the amount of coverage you carry. Another big factor related to this is the value of your car and how much is needed to replace should there be damages to it.

Liability Auto Coverage

As you’re seeking an auto insurance quote, the first consideration is liability coverage. This is required in nearly every state, although at different levels from state to state.

Liability insurance doesn’t protect you or your car, however, it does protect you if you’re at fault. It covers damages to property as a result of an accident and injuries to other parties.

Liability coverage typically comes in three parts: one person’s injuries, cumulative costs for injuries to all involved parties, and cost for damages. In an effort to protect yourself, you want to pay attention to that middle number. You want at least coverage to cover your net worth.

If you’re in an accident and at fault, you want to make sure you have enough coverage to protect your personal assets.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Car Policy

Collision and comprehensive coverage are the part of your insurance that protects your property, including your car. If you have an auto loan, your lender will require you to keep the car covered.

Collision coverage protects your car and belonging in the event you’re in an accident. This is where you want to consider the actual value of your car. There’s no need to carry more coverage than it’s actually worth.

Comprehensive coverage protects your belongings from other kinds of issues like theft or storm damage. Again, consider the value of your vehicle when deciding on an amount of coverage.

Purchasing a Policy for Your Car

Purchasing a policy for your car can take up a hefty part of your budget each month. Sure, you want to be protected and get the coverage you need. You also want to be sure you don’t pay for coverage that in the end is just not needed.

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