Hailstorms are exciting! But it is not for the one who owns a car and is driving through it under open sky. This is so because hailstorms can damage car bodies severely. Few seconds of exposure during a hailstorm can cause the car a tremendous loss, especially if the ice balls fall on some crucial parts like the windshield, the roof, the hood, and the window glasses. These ice balls are forceful enough to break the glass surface and create deep dents on the car body.

When we asked the team of mechanics serving the Post Falls hail damage repair center, as how do they conduct hail damage repairs on cars, they were more than happy to explain their methodology to us. They started by stating the fact, that hail damages also cause same kinds of damages that are caused when a car faces a collision. But the number of scratches, dents are huge in number, while the damage caused to the windshield is an added one that is commonly counted among hail damages. So, they treat these damages individually as scratch and dent repair, windshield replacement, and finally coats the car with a new paint job done to its body.

Scratch Repair

Hail damages will surely create innumerable scratches on the car exterior body. At any auto body shops, they repair these scratches by smoothening down the surface with a sandpaper, then apply premier on them, allow it to dry and finally paint the car body entirely, so that there is no uneven color display found on it.

Dent Repair

The most common damage that the hailstorms can cause to the car bodies are ugly dents. Though these dents might not be of much big in size, but they will be countless in numbers. Had there been only a few numbers of dents, the auto body shops could have opted for a paintless dent repair, but usually hail damages are ruthless when it comes to the amounts of dents that fall on the car body. Moreover, if the dents spread on allover the car body, then again, the car ill need a complete paint job done, after the dents are puled and filled.

Windshield and Window Glass Replacement

If unfortunately, the hails fall on the windshield and window glasses, they can chip or crack up. In either of the cases, the auto body shops will be left with no other option but to replace them. 

How to Protect your Car from Hailstorms

Nature though can be unpredictable at times will mostly let you know in advance, what will be the weather condition after some time. There cannot be a sudden hailstorm on a bright sunny day. It has to be cloudy, windy, and dark on the sky when a hailstorm is about to start. The best way to protect your car from its ill-effects and damages, is to park your car under a concrete roof and not to drive under the open sky till the probability of the hailstorm appear to be bleak, suggested the staff who offer hail damage repair in Post Falls.

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