Repairing a damaged car has always been a matter of serious concern for any car owner. Till you ride the car back home and it starts running the same way as before, the anxiety keeps peeping in your mind. The reason behind this anxiety is in most cases when the auto shop takes away your car and you don’t know what they are planning to do with it. To help those consumers with a glimpse of the inner show that runs inside an auto body shop, we are jotting down the basic steps below that they follow when they repair your car.

Estimate the cost

The first step of a car repair is preparing an estimate the costs that might be required to repair the damages on the car. The estimate should compulsorily include in its list what types of damages the car is suffering from and all the methodologies that would be used to repair them. More complications the damages are, more the estimate would scale up.

During this first step, the auto body repair shop would start the negotiations with the insurance company to fix up the amount of money both the insurance company and the owner are supposed to pay. Once both the parties agree, the work starts.

Locate and analyze the damaged parts

The next important step following the first one is locating the parts that got damaged and analyze the process of repair that would be the best for the kind of damages caused. They would further analyze if the parts are needed to be repaired or replaced.

Buy the damaged body parts

Finding the right set of auto parts of a particular brand might not be easy at times, and if that becomes a real hindrance, then the auto shop mechanic decides to repair it off. But in that case, they should let the owner know about it, and adjust the cost accordingly. Generally, minor dings, dents, and scratches are repaired instead of replacement. But major parts like brakes, accelerator, steering wheels, engine and transmissions are preferably replaced, as they play a vital role in the car safety.

Repair and Paint

Once the repair work is over, the next step towards finishing and delivering it would be sanding and then priming. The final step in this is mostly rounded up with a repainting job to mitigate the slightest sign of the damage that has taken place. depending upon the expanse of the external body that has got damaged, the paint job is assigned. Sometimes it may be the entire car or just a few patches that need a paint job. But the final aim is to make the car look as good as new, when the owner takes it back.

The Bottom Line

According to the Salisbury auto body shop, any repair service is done to fix the damages of the different part of vehicles. The causes behind any damage can be various. While some might be the result of an accident others can be simply a wear and tear issue or a part being unresponsive. But whatever is the reason or the level of damage, the auto body shop is bound to repair the damage with equal sincerity and bring the car back into its original shape and running condition.