There are many different reasons that people may choose to buy a used car, but it’s not always clear which of these will be right for your needs. Fortunately, this is something that we here at [Company Name] can help with, and we’ve summarised some of the six most crucial things you should know to help inform your decision.

5 Things Every Car Buyer Should Think About Before Purchasing a New Vehicle

If you’ve been planning to invest in a new set of wheels, make sure to keep the following five tips in mind to get the most from your purchase!

#1 Run a Car Check to Authenticate the Purchase

A car check allows you to access a broad amount of information about a vehicle. Some of the main factors these checks can highlight include results from the vehicle’s past MOTs, the number of owners, any plate changes that have been recorded, the car’s physical details, stolen and write-off status, and the like. In turn, this information can allow you to determine whether the seller is being truthful or if the car may have a hidden history that you haven’t been told about.

#2 Know What You’re Looking For

Before you even begin searching for your dream second-hand vehicle, knowing what you need is vital. Defining the key traits and features you need to see from the ideal car, such as mileage limits, accessories and features, and the like can all help narrow down your search and streamline the car-buying process.

#3 Don’t Stray from Your Budget

When negotiating on a used vehicle, it’s surprisingly easy to go over budget – leaving you out of pocket and potentially having to compromise on other aspects of your life.

But don’t let yourself be pushed around by a confident seller who isn’t willing to budge on the price; there will be other cars out there that could match your budget, so if the seller is asking more than you had initially allowed, don’t give in. It’s not worth putting yourself into financial difficulty over!

#4 Consider Depreciation

Cars are generally at their most valuable right before they leave the factory; from there, with every year that passes and every mile that’s added to the mileage, their worth can fall. And depreciation can have an especially significant effect in the first few years. As such, if you want to save money on a vehicle (without buying one that’s incredibly old), consider how the depreciation curves are likely to impact the price you’ll pay (and factor this in when choosing your budget).

#5 Try to Take the Car for a Test Drive

Not all sellers, especially if they’re private, will be happy to let you take their car on a test drive. However, ensuring your insurance policy covers you to test drive other peoples’ vehicles is highly important, as this gives you the option to try the vehicle first if the seller is willing.

If they aren’t happy for you to drive the vehicle, though, at least ask to see it running; if they aren’t happy to show you the vehicle turned on and driving around, asking why may be important. It could be that they aren’t a confident driver, but more likely, this may indicate that there’s a problem that’s only noticeable when the car is in use.


The above five tips will help you feel confident when purchasing a used car and assist you in finding the best deal. Always remember that it’s crucial to carry out a reg check before purchasing a vehicle, as this will save you from buying a car that is written off, stolen, or has outstanding finance.

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