A car with no wheels will not run and is therefore useless. However, just because a car does have all of its four wheels doesn’t mean they are the right type of wheels for the vehicle. For too many car owners, the wheels that come with their car is more than good enough for the job. As long as it can take them from point A to point B, everything is working as it should.

However, when you ask a devoted car owner who has taken the time to look into Mercedes AMG wheels, they will disagree. If you have never given the wheels of your car a second thought before, it is all about to change. Here are some tips to help you choose the best type of wheels that fit your car and your lifestyle seamlessly:

Tip #1: Look Into Tread Lifespan

The tread of the tires gives it the ability to maintain proper traction on any surface. Worn out tire treads can lead to an accident on the road. When looking into replacing your current car’s wheels, check the estimated lifespan of its tread. However, it is good to remember that these estimates are done by manufacturing companies and may not necessarily be an accurate representation of the tread’s lifespan when used on the road consistently.

Tip #2: Consider Wet Weather Needs

The weather affects us and our cars on a daily basis, but the wheel’s wet weather capability is more important in areas where rain and snow are more common. Car owners who live in hot climates such as Nevada, California, and Arizona might not have to pay close attention to this factor, but those living in states like Oregon and Washington should.

Four-season tires are acceptable as a minimum, but to stay safe during all weather conditions, it is suggested to replace the tires when there is snow or rain. The more traction, the better and safer it will be for all motorists on the road.

Tip #3: Consider Different Sizes

Choosing the right Mercedes AMG wheels also means factoring the size of the car and the wheel itself. You do not want to buy a new set of wheels that are too large for your small car only to end up using it because you have no other choice. There are proper size suggestions given by car dealerships and this should be taken into account because the perfect wheels should fit properly.

Tip #4: Take Into Account Your Budget 

Remember that replacing a set of wheels means buying four, which can set you back a large chunk of money. It is never good to only replace one or two wheels and leave the rest until you have enough money to replace all of them. If it is impossible to get the perfect set of wheels in one go, it may not be the best time to look for them. Only proceed when you are sure you can afford the entire set to avoid future wheel and car problems.

Tip #5: Give In To Your Desire And Choose The Best Wheels

Wheel designs come in different styles, and it wouldn’t hurt choosing what you think is cool to look at or one that fits your preference. Wheels come in different types, including steel wheels, alloy wheels, multi-piece wheels, three-piece wheels, forged wheels, and replica ‘OEM style’ wheels.

Whether you’re planning to lease or buy a new car online at Rodo.com, it is crucial to have safe wheels when driving. So it is imperative to consider all the aspects discussed above when choosing the best wheel design and good tire maintenance to ensure road safety.

Here’s some good-to-know info about some of the common types of wheels:

  • Steel Wheels: These are basic wheels you can get that are made of pressed steel billets using powerful hydraulic equipment. While steel is an alloy of carbon, and iron a hard metal, steel’s strength increases the weight, unlike aluminum. The unattractive look of pressed steel wheels can be made attractive by slapping hubcaps with badging. Hubcaps disguise the raw metal, which imitates more stylish and expensive alloys.
  • Alloys: Alloy wheels have always been reserved for high-end models. However, alloy wheels can now become a spec of any city hatchback vehicle if desired. Based on a magnesium or aluminum construction combined with nickel, these wheels provide a lighter package than a steel wheel with the same strength.
  • Forged Wheels: These wheels belong to the strongest wheels formed by forging aluminum. The enormous compression force from the forging makes the wheels extremely light and stronger than a casted wheel.
  • Replica ‘OEM style’ Wheels: Imitation wheels replicating reproduction wheels may lack vital strengthening processes that real OEM wheels undergo, wherein the molten material is only cast into a template without compression. So, be wary about buying replica OEM-style wheels.

Do your research and in the end, you will find the right type of wheels for your car and your needs.

By Tom Clark

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