Swapping wheels is a common trend to make your 4×4 vehicle look sportier. However, many people forget rims and wheels play a vital function in your four-wheel drive. If you want to go for larger rims, you need to choose the right-sized tyres. Many retailers offer a combined package of rims and tyres. This article discusses the tips to select the right package for your 4×4.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Rims for 4×4

Base Material 

Rims are made of a wide array of materials like steel, aluminium (cast and forged). Steel rims are incredibly strong and also have a lower price. With aluminium rims, you get freedom from environmental factors. For example, you don’t have to worry about rusting. Forged aluminium wheels are the strongest and considered right for load-carrying 4×4 vehicles. 

Offset and Backspacing 

Offset refers to the distance between the wheel mounting surface and the wheel’s centreline. If the offset is towards the outer side of the wheel, it is considered positive. If the offset is towards the inner side of the wheel, it is deemed to be negative. Backspacing refers to the distance between the wheel’s inner edge and the mounting surface of the wheel. 

Wheels with a higher backspacing number keep the tyres neatly tucked inside the wheel wells and reduce wheel bearings and ball joints’ wear and tear. The right backspacing depends on your decision, like adding a suspension system or larger tyres on your 4×4.  

Factors to Consider While Choosing Tyres For 4×4                                                                    

The best tyre for your 4×4 vehicle depends on the type of terrain you mostly drive.  When you consider any combined package of rims and tyres, look at the kind of terrain type offered. There are three types of 4WD tyres like All-terrain, Mud-terrain, and Highway-terrain.

All-Terrain Tyres

If you live in Queensland or neighbouring areas, the all-terrain tyre might be more suitable for your four-wheel drive. All-terrain tyres offer a perfect balance between on-road and off-road capabilities. An all-terrain tyre is ideal for drivers who drive in off-road conditions for more than six months in a year.

Highway Terrain Tyres 

This tyre type is perfect for drivers who mostly drive on highways. The highway terrain tyre has a compact tread design with a closed tread pattern. These design features help reduce road noise. Highway terrain tyres also perform well in sand. 

Mud-terrain tyres 

Mud-terrain type of tyres is perfect for drivers who mostly drive off-road tracks. These tyres are built for harsh road conditions. 

Speed and Load Ratings 

Not all four-wheel-drive vehicles are made the same. The speed and load rating is an essential factor to look at while choosing tyres for a 4×4 vehicle. You can select a tyre with an equal or higher load rating specified by the car manufacturer. It would help if you looked at the permissible limits when choosing tyres with a lower speed rating. 

To sum up, the wheels of 4×4 vehicles have more vital functions than looks. The post discusses essential factors that help you select the right set of wheels for your four-wheel drive. It ensures your choice not only uplift your vehicle’s aesthetics but also help ride comfortably on rugged terrains.

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