Those who love bikes and cars know the value of it. They keep their vehicles neat and clean and are quite hesitant to hand it over to someone they don’t trust with the driving. Well, these people truly understand the value of insuring their beloved vehicles. However being law abiding citizens of the country and for the safety of your own bike, a bike insurance is a must. You may find it to be too expensive at the beginning; but once you invest in the right bike insurance; you will feel that it is totally worth it!

Today, all thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now compare bike insurance. Isn’t that great news? Well, that’s the reality and as more and more people are accepting this, most companies are shifting their bases to the World Wide Web in order to be more accessible to a larger audience. The process is simple, free and provides instant results on the go! What else do you need in this fast pacing world, where nobody likes to wait for anything!

If you are confused as to how to compare bike insurance online, then fret not! The steps are simple:

Step 1: Do your own research before you reach out to insurance companies

You always begin with your homework. It is very important that you have the required information all gathered before you can actually speak to insurance companies or can approach online websites for insurance. It is always recommended to find out about insurances and insurance companies yourself, based on your own criteria before you head out into the market.

Step 2: Make a list of companies that offer you what you are looking for

While doing research, just don’t read. Keep making notes, and jot down about all those companies that fit the criteria before actually selecting the right insurance company and plan for your bike. This list will be solely based on your needs and it will be customized as per your preferences.

Step 3: Opt for a third-party website or make individual notes

Now that you have a list, it is time to compare. Why waste time by going to each company in person when you can easily compare bike insurance online at your comfort and ease? Yes, that’s what you have to do at this stage. Look at all the benefits, plans and offers of the companies at one single website and compare simultaneously.

Step 4: Strike off companies that offer lesser benefits

When you compare, it is easy to shortlist the best out of the lot. Based on the offers and benefits that you receive, keep striking off those companies that you do not think will suit your need and choices.

Step 5: Shortlist from the final list

Now that your list is simplified and shorter than where you started, just have 2-3 companies on the top of your mind. Make your phone calls to these companies and express your interest. Take it forward from here, and then select the best.

Where do I find the best comparison of bike insurance?

Now that you have decided to compare bike insurance online, the question is where on the internet will you be able to do so? There are several online websites and thus, it becomes even more important for you to choose ‘the right’ one. The best way to do this is to read reviews and only check out trusted websites. Also, never key in your bike or personal details on websites that are not cyber protected. If a website is truly registered legally and is genuine in providing you with the best comparison, they will have secured gateways and none of your personal information will be leaked out.

Things you cannot miss about comparing bike insurance

While you are on the spree to compare bike insurance online, do not miss out on the below aspects:

The insurance price and premiums: Isn’t this the first step you look out for? It is vital that you check out the insurance benefits that you are receiving, and at what costs. The premiums that you ought to pay have to be compared

The reputation of the insurance provider: Well, most of us usually tend to ignore this aspect, but it is equally important. Do not settle for a company that you don’t trust. Always verify the insurance provider’s background and brand value in the market – ‘are they trustworthy?’ – is what you need to check for.

Renewal policies: Lastly, while you may or may not require a renewal, it is always better to have clarity on the renewal terms and conditions of the insurance provider.

By Salina Gomez

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