The importance of having auto insurance on your vehicle cannot be overemphasized, is that it protects you from a lot of unwanted situations like total loss of property, huge repair bills, debts, legal issues and police tickets amongst other horrible events that can occur during an accident, theft or even vandalization. Driving without insurance itself is illegal, and you can be prosecuted for it if you are caught. There are numerous auto insurance companies out there that offer excellent insurance premium plans and packages, but everything falls down you and your car.

High-Risk Drivers Negative Factors

Your credit score depends on the type of insurance plan you will be entitled to, and the same applies to the kind of car you own. A common term known as high-risk drivers is another factor in which insurance companies use to examine their clients to see if they get to be given a premium plan or not, it more of a precaution that insurance companies take so as to avoid paying high coverage bills. In most cases, the price such drivers have to pay is really high, and they could even end up being turned down. Goodtogoinsurance makes life easier for you by not putting these factors into consideration when giving you insurance for your car.

All high-risk drivers and other experience-based requirements don’t matter when you come to Good to go insurance company. By operating a non-standard policy, everyone can get a good and reliable premium package for your car no matter your driving history or record, credit score, age, gender, marital status and any other common attributes used to judge drivers. In case you have been rejected by an insurance company several times due to any of the following issues stated above, then congratulations this is for you.

Getting the cheapest auto insurance plan

We all know that getting insurance on your car requires money and there are a lot of people who are either short on cash or are on a tight budget and still need to have their vehicles insured. Does this mean that you won’t be able to purchase a premium insurance plan for your car or vehicle? If you fall into this category, pay proper attention. In most cases, the answer to the previous question is YES, because most insurance companies require you to spend at least 50% of the coverage money before the insurance policy can officially commence.

This could prove a little difficult to pay for students who just finished driving training or those who don’t have enough funds, and that’s why Goodtogoinsurance is there for you. The company offers you instant car insurance with no deposit for those who can’t afford to pay the reasonable fees. This offer was made to assist high school and college student and other citizens who can’t really provide 50% down payment. The company offers you insurance packages for as low as $18 with numerous discounts included.

Best option for small budget

Truth be told, you can’t really get an insurance plan where you won’t be required to pay an amount of money. But the good news is that the $18 low rate is more than affordable, it is actually your best option if you’re running a small budget. All premium insurance packages come at prices that are pocket-friendly and which have proven to be highly profitable by drivers. I stand to believe that this is the best quality for your money.

Another solution to this is that you can get the premium insurance package you want even if you don’t have enough on you to pay it once. The big question is; How is this possible? I am excited to let you know that this has been made possible by Good to go Insurance by allowing you to make a $20 down payment car insurance on your vehicle installment.

This is the most affordable insurance packages with no deposit you can find amongst several insurance companies available. The good thing about this is that you can choose how you want the coverage money to be paid such as annual plan (one payment per year which gives you up to 31% discounts on all premium plans), quarterly plan (this gives you opportunity to pay part of the money every four months), economy plan (this is the best option for those that are on a really low budget, you pay the fee on a monthly installment basis).

Affordable Insurance Package

This is the most affordable insurance packages with no deposit that will suit your budget. Means of payment include money order, electronic funds transfer, credit/debit card payment and PayPal. These payment options make it very easy for you in case you don’t have access to one of the means of payment mentioned above. There are also numerous discounts you get when your you finish some specialized training or earn driving points during the cause of your insurance policy validity.

Discounts you can get varies, from driver’s discounts which include; defensive during course, driver’s education, good student, home ownership, and non-owner’s discounts which ranges from (8% – 25%). Policy discounts which include, multi-car, paid in full, prior insurance and renewal discounts ranging from (15% – 40%). Auto discounts which include; cell phone safety, airbag and passive restraint, Anti-theft system and VIN etching discounts all at 5% rates.

Risk Involved

If you read through this paragraph well then, you’d understand how expensive this policy is mainly in the insurance market of today. The next thing on your mind would be; what are the possible risks involved or what are the significant benefits I tend to get? Let me answer that with the pros and cons below. There’s a saying that, “all good things have their bad side” in this case the good outweighs the bad by a ratio of 6:1. Let’s take a look below;

Advantages of Paying the $20 down payment car insurance

  • You get to split your insurance payment installment to suit your budget.
    • You don’t require any official deposit
    • Gives you access to the most affordable insurance packages with no deposit involved
    • You get a good insurance plan for less
    • Non-standard policy makes it possible for all high-risk drivers to get insured.
    • Reduces your chances of getting into underinsured legal issues in case of an accident.

Disadvantages of paying the $20 down payment car insurance

I can only point out one downside of the $20 down payment car insurance which is that it’s not economical. Paying the $20 down payment car insurance installment ends up with you spend far more than an insured client who pays his/her coverage fees usually. An insured person who pays the standard fees can save up to $240 and driving speed discounts up to $500, but you on the other side will be paying an extra $260 by the end of the year. Although this is a shortcoming, it does not overshadow the right side of the deal.

Best no Deposit Insurance Package

In summary, Good to go Insurance offers all driver’s the most affordable insurance packages with no deposit. This great offer alongside its non-standard policy is no brainier for road drivers. If you have someone who has been having issues with getting an insurance plan due to any reason whatsoever, then I am sure you know what direction to point them to. If you are looking for the best prices and high discounts, then get a quote today and gain access to cheap car insurance in ga with low down payment. Remember that whenever you are on the road, always drive safely and obey all traffic rules and regulations.

Road accidents are not the best event that can happen to a driver because it can cost your own life and endanger the lives of others, get insured today. Drive safely and stay happy.


By Salina Gomez

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