Whether you just bought a new WK2, are still enjoying your ZJ or anything in between, driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee can be a great experience both on and off the road. Many owners want to get better fuel efficiency out of their SUVs. A few simple changes along with some upgrades such as high-flow Jeep Grand Cherokee catalytic converters can make a huge difference at the pump.


A tune-up can help to improve your fuel efficiency, especially if your SUV is a few years old. Clean the fuel injectors, replace the air filter and clean the MAF sensor. These minor maintenance tasks can help your vehicle run more efficiently. All these parts degrade a little as they get older and dirtier. Each of these tasks is relatively simple and can net a decent improvement in fuel efficiency.

Additionally, check for any damaged or malfunctioning parts. A faulty mass airflow sensor can reduce fuel efficiency by around 40%. So, fixing that single issue could greatly reduce your fuel bill.

These steps will have a greater impact on older models such as ZJ Grand Cherokees. However, they are still valuable even for the latest model year. Keeping up with your maintenance can help to keep both performance and economy as high as possible.

Upgrade Some Exhaust Components

Try switching out some or all of your exhaust system. The flow of exhaust gases out of the engine helps to improve both performance and fuel efficiency. For example, the best cat converter can deliver additional torque and horsepower while also requiring less fuel to do so. This is because the upgrade allows your engine to make better use of fuel because there is less unwanted exhaust in the cylinders.

Modifying your exhaust system can also improve the sound of your engine. For example, a Street Series cat-back performance exhaust system will offer a superior tone to your exhaust note while also improving fuel efficiency and performance. That’s a win-win situation.

Exhaust upgrades are relatively simple, especially if you purchase a bolt-on solution. Even novices can install a cat-back exhaust system with a little patience and a few basic tools.

Improve the Air Intake

As mentioned above, replacing the air filter can help increase airflow into the engine. Take this a step further with an upgrading cold-air intake. This will bring colder, denser air into the engine and let you make more power with less fuel.

On a Grand Cherokee, especially one that you take off-road, you may want to opt for a snorkel. This will let you ensure good airflow even when fording water. It also brings in cooler air from above the engine.

Get Started Whether you opt for the best exhaust mufflers, a tune-up, a new air intake or all three, get started making your Jeep Grand Cherokee more fuel-efficient. You’ll be glad you did the next time you head to the pump. Getting further on a tank of gas is always a welcome change. It’s a great way to get more from your SUV both on the road and on the trail. Get started today

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