There are many reasons that a car would need an alarm. Safety is the number one reason. If you have a used vehicle, this becomes even more important as they don’t come with the proper safety add-ons. Either way, a car alarm isn’t a bad idea to take advantage of.

Choose An Aftermarket Alarm

When beginning car alarm installation, you will need to pick out an aftermarket alarm first. A basic system can’t tell the difference between a door opened voluntarily and a door that was forced open from tampering. That isn’t the system that you need for your car. A complex system has the knowledge to tell you when you have a vehicle that is being tampered with in any way. You need a car alarm that fits your car’s make and model. That will help the installation process go smoother and more quickly. In particular, you should look for a factory alarm.


After reading the manual and deciding what you want and need from the car alarm, it’s time to get your car alarm inside. The first step is installing your siren. From there, you will need to know where to mount the siren. You will need to find a metal surface that you can place it on to go to the system. You should place the siren in the engine bay, and it needs to be unobstructed. In particular, you need the siren at least eighteen inches away from engine components that run hot like the exhaust manifold, turbocharger, and things of that nature. You will also need to face it down, so water doesn’t damage it.


After you have reached this step, you will need to find holes in the wires. Do not drill through the metal of your firewall. You will cause corrosion and damage to the car. After seeing where the alarm’s computer will connect, you will be installing the sensors, placing the LEDs inside, and securing your battery to test the alarm.

Be careful in these areas because there is a chance you could damage the engine. You will also need to check calibration while checking your new system. Make sure that you don’t have any loose wires. They need to be secure, or they will damage the connections.

Your Car Is Secure

Once you have the system in place, you will be able to have a safer car, less need for stress or worry, and you can feel better as you drive and leave your vehicle anywhere you need to. Experience the joy of owning a car and have the freedom of knowing it won’t get taken.

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