A dead battery in a cold morning is the most horrifying situation faced by most of the people across the globe. Sometimes it happens that you forgot to turn off the lights which lead to the discharge of the car battery. In this situation, Jumper cables are the saviour which will help you to Jumpstart your car. But if you are not sure how to do it, then this article will help you for sure.

You can jump-start your car if you have a brief knowledge about the car and its parts and their functioning. The process is not complicated but has to be done correctly, otherwise it leads to some accidents. First, you should be aware of the location of the battery in the car and cables in it. You can also consult the owner’s manual if you are not sure about the battery location.

Check the position of your car, if your car is dead in the middle of the road you have to push it to park on the service lane of the road. Park your car in such a position so that jumper cables of the functioning car battery can reach your car battery easily.

The battery cables are colour-coded universally in black and red colour.Red is for positive and black wire is for negative sign. If cables are not joint correctly, it leads to small explosions which might be dangerous too.

Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart the car are :

  • Try to take help from some other car owner to Jump-start your dead car. Arrange access to a strong functioning battery to bring back the life of your car battery. Align the second car front near to your car front. Turn off the lights and radio of the car before jump-starting.
  • Look for your batteries, wipe it with a clean cloth. Check for any leakage, if it is then you have to replace your car batteries. Remove corrosion if no leakage is found and follow Jump start instructions. You can remove battery corrosion with the help of corrosion removing solutions available in the market.
  • Arrange cable connections of the functioning battery with your car. Check the cable connections, whether done properly or not.
  • Ask the driver of the car with a functioning battery to start his car for a minute. Later start your car, it will Jump-start easily. If not, try again for one more time.
  • Once your car starts, remove the black negative cables from the dead battery car first and from operating one later. In the case of a positive red cable, the opposite needs to be done, which means cable needs to be removed from the functioning battery and later from the non-functioning battery.

Once you jump start your car, it is advised to take your car to the technician. You might have to replace your battery, and only an expert can advise you best. It is also recommended to get your car electrical system checkup down to avoid any future car failure.

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